BTech - MBA

Several real-world challenges in industry and their solutions lie at the axis of engineering and management. Today’s interdisciplinary world recognises the need for candidates who have expertise in engineering along with the ability to lead strategic decision-making. Future leaders must equip themselves to be able to solve engineering problems by understanding their managerial, technological, and social contexts.

The BxMx Programme is aimed at creating flexible opportunities for students at the graduate level of education. The BTech-MBA allows students to combine the strengths of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and Amrut Mody School of Management, and earn the two degrees in five years instead of six. It provides students technical rigour through the breadth and depth of the engineering programme and managerial expertise through the industry-driven curriculum of the MBA programme. Upon completing this programme, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical and Environmental Engineering/Computer Science and Engineering/Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Mechanical Engineering (as per their chosen Major) and a Master of Business Administration.

The engineering programme at Ahmedabad University enables students to develop a sound knowledge in the core and technical aspects of engineering and science. The BTech-MBA programme provides students an opportunity to simultaneously acquire leadership skills and integrated knowledge in engineering and management that would enable them to join companies working to provide these solutions.

Programme Highlights

  • Duration: Five years
  • Eligibility: Students must meet the admission requirements for BTech and should have performed very well academically. They must exhibit strong motivation for the Programme. 
  • All admitted students will have to maintain a prescribed grade point average requirements during the undergraduate programme at the University.

Programme Must Knows

Offered by School of Engineering and Applied Science and Amrut Mody School of Management
Programme The BxMx Programme (Dual Degree)
Degree Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering/ Computer Science and Engineering/Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration
Minimum Programme Credits 213

Curriculum Structure (BTech - MBA)

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)