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Internal Quality Assurance Cell is a centralised function of the University to assess programmatic and administrative quality through data-driven analytics. IQAC also undertakes initiatives to highlight and broadcast best practices across the different Schools, Functions and Activities of the University. IQAC also functions as a single-point clearing house for accreditation of the University and its programmes by various national and internal accreditation agencies.

What we do?

Internal Quality Assurance Cell is a single-point mechanism to design, implement, monitor and assess quality enhancement initiatives across the University. The IQAC works in close collaboration with several activities and functions of the University, especially, the Career Development Centre, Centre for Learning Futures, VentureStudio, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, besides the Offices of the Dean of Students, and Planning and Strategic Initiatives.

IQAC collects and analyses data on metrics and parameters that index the robustness of academic practices at the University. It also conducts workshops and training sessions on quality assurance in the University.

How we work?

IQAC has dedicated staff who maintain a dynamic and updated database of facts and figures pertaining to the University. IQAC has an advisory committee comprising senior faculty and staff, who advise on the nature and function of the initiatives of IQAC.

Our Strategy

Ahmedabad University has automated the data management for all of its functions. The admissions office, finances, course development, course registration, classroom and learning management, assessment and evaluation, as also human resources functions are all on modular and inter-operable digital systems. IQAC harnesses data from these systems and is in the process of building analytics to extract information from this data which will aid in better design and strategy.

Undergraduate Learning Competency Survey

IQAC conducts an annual, longitudinal survey of learning competency of students. This is an anonymous test to assess competency averages across student batches and programmes. The data and the analysis we generate serves as a pointer for programme-level improvements and signaling to potential employers.

Additional resources on the National Council for Assessment and Accreditation can be found on the Accreditation page.

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