Emerging Opportunities in Chemical Engineering

Emerging Opportunities in Chemical Engineering
Aug 17, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Online Webinar

Chemical Engineering, a branch of engineering applies the principles of physics, chemistry mathematics and now Biology also to design, produce and transport energy and materials. The advancement of computers accelerates the efficiency of chemical plants through proper control, modeling and plant simulation.  The Chemical engineers are  expected to work  in Emerging areas like cleaner production & Technologies, advances in Waste water Treatment Technologies, Chemical safety  and security program, pharmaceutical process Engineering / Bio Chemical Processes,  computer aided Design / simulation, industrial behavior  and  discipline etc. We have  specifically  planned  the webinars on such areas  to make aware the  existing  and graduating chemical engineering  students   for their standing in the  field, applying what they learn during the course work  for four years at under graduate program  and also  graduate program  in such areas.

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