The MBA programme offered by the University is well-known in the region for its contemporary syllabus and forward looking approach to management education. The current programme offers its students flexibility to pace his degree and learning through the credit-based education where they can decide their credits and choose from a multitude of courses offered by other programmes of the University and other allied Universities like CEPT beyond the regular Finance, Marketing and Human Resource courses. The current course offering from the MBA programme stands at over 80 courses which is sure to go up with every successive year.

Apart from the regular placements, the centres established by AMSOM, hand-holds students to nurture and hone entrepreneurial skills and provide training, assignments and live projects in the field of culture and heritage. ‘VentureStudio’- systematically nurtures and guides start-up ventures while Centre of Heritage Management provides exposure to professional opportunities in the domain of art and culture.

The programme is currently targeted at notching up at all quarters to enforce inquiry-based, practice-oriented teaching and learning which is the need of the industry.

The fees for the MBA programme is regulated by the Government of Gujarat.


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