February 2022

6:00 - 7:30

Online Via Zoom


Entering The Brain Of The Consumer – Building Brands That Connect

The Conversation Series

Sandeep Dayal

Managing Director and EVP at Cerenti Marketing Group, LLC
Author, Right Between The Ears: How to Use Brain Science to Build Epic Brands

Professor Ravi Miglani

Professor Of Practice Of Management
Director, Executive Education
Ahmedabad University

Today, consumers are overwhelmed with information and choice. How do marketers cut through the clutter and ensure that their brand gets chosen? It is more important than ever for brands to connect at a deep level. Cognitive Brands get inside the minds of their consumers, understand how the brain works, and unlock long-lasting brand relationships.

What are the best ways to build a brand? Is it good to emotionalise the brand? Emotional brands can make one laugh and cry – but does that enhance the value of the brand? Should we communicate the rational benefits of the brand? Do consumers make brand choices consciously or subconsciously? Do consumers buy a brand because it makes them feel good at an instinctive level, or do they buy because the brand stands up to rational deliberation?

Our speaker, a marketing visionary, a strategy consultant, and an author, has done extensive research on Cognitive Branding, He integrates the latest advances in cognitive neuroscience, social anthropology, behavioural economics, and psychology. He will discuss alternative methods of developing modern power brands which have the potential of making lasting connections.


Sandeep Dayal

World-renowned marketing thought leader Sandeep Dayal is the Managing Director and EVP at Cerenti Marketing Group, LLC, a marketing and business strategy consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies around the world. Sandeep heads the firm's Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices practice. He is also the author of Branding Between the Ears - Using Cognitive Science to Build Lasting Customer Connections.

In healthcare, Sandeep has served leading manufacturers including AbbVie, Pfizer, Baxter, Hill-Rom, Takeda, Thermo Fisher, Sagent, Horizon and Abbott focusing on product launches, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies for their franchises in immunology, oncology, pain management, virology and rare diseases.

His current research focuses on Cognitive Branding and Cognitive Selling, which integrates the latest advances in neuroscience and psychology, to offer a completely new way for developing modern power brands and to drive up sales performance.

Sandeep holds two US patents for his ideas on building Pharmaceutical Clearinghouses for disbursement of funds through Patient Assistance Programs in individual and institutional markets. He is on the board of directors for the Albums of Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organisation which works on the preservation of historical artifacts and documents, and for the tech company iKONVERSE.


Professor Ravi Miglani

Professor Miglani has 35 years of experience in the field of marketing research and consumer insights and has worked across the domain including market research, consumer behaviour, customer engagement, and research-based marketing consulting. He did Post Graduate Programme in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 1983.