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Students can submit applications under Early Admission with Class 10 and Class 11 results, and subsequently add Class 12 results into the same application form as soon as announced.

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BTech Admission for 2023 will be announced soon.

Our Philosophy

Admission at Ahmedabad is designed to recognise individuality and to understand the unique context of every student who applies. 

We review your application in a holistic way, considering your academic scores, and taking time to understand your fit with the Ahmedabad University culture and the way of life. 

We encourage diversity and seek to create a fair and equitable opportunity as you aspire to learn at the University. We encourage students from different cultures, states and socio-economic strata.  

Invite us to your School

Would you like us to speak to your students and parents about liberal education, specific Majors or Ahmedabad University Programmes?

Our outreach team is available to participate in University fairs or plan a webinar for your school.

Independent Study Period for Schools

Ahmedabad University Independent Study Period is a way for students to pursue their interests through curated interdisciplinary courses. 

With over 30 courses built around themes ranging from music to ornithology and crime fiction, learning takes place as students explore a hobby to discover the theory
that underlies it. These short studio courses are delivered online, and are open to Class 11 and Class 12 students.

How do I select the ideal college for me?

Professor Raghavan Rangarajan, Dean of the Undergraduate College, writes that finishing high school and moving on to college is an exciting time for any young student. But it is also a time of uncertainty and confusion for many as you try to decide what is the best college or university for you. So, what should you look for in a college or university while trying to make the important decision of where to pursue your higher education?

Read his blog here

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Counsellors can send in a requisition for our prospectus and information kit. Kits will be couriered to the indicated address.

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