Bachelors and Integrated Masters Programmes Financial Aid

Ahmedabad University is deeply committed to encourage and support the best students to explore and pursue their undergraduate education at Ahmedabad. Our financial support philosophy stems from our commitment and dedication to foster continuous progress of self and society. No student, who is deserving, committed and capable will be denied an education for lack of financial ability.

The University offers both, generous merit scholarships and need-based financial aid to support meritorious students from all walks of life. Our fellowships, grants and need-based scholarships acknowledge both stellar academic achievements and ensure financial assistance to those who are not able to afford quality education at Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad University is committed to bringing the best students to the University regardless of their ability to pay. We ensure that any student who needs financial aid to attend Ahmedabad University receives a Need-Based Scholarship to cover the gap between the educational cost and the student’s financial circumstances. We see the Need-Based Scholarships as a partnership between your family and the University to ensure that you are able to receive an excellent undergraduate education at Ahmedabad University. 80 per cent of our students who apply for financial aid receive Need-Based Scholarships of varying amounts, depending on their family’s financial circumstances. If you wish to apply for a Need-Based Scholarship you may indicate this on your application for admission.

Applications received within a stipulated date, as specified by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, are automatically eligible for consideration for the award of the Fellowships and Scholarships.