The Nalanda

Ahmedabad University believes that engaging with diverse learning environments, disciplinary stimuli, and points of view makes an individual more perceptive and enquiring. New ideas have the potential to make us think differently. The Nalanda is a student-centered programme that provides students and the larger university community an opportunity to engage in a small group with deep thinkers of our times.

The etymology of Nalanda (na alam da, meaning no limits to giving) beautifully delineates the idea of a University, implying whatever is in the Universe is the subject of investigation and exploration. The speculative philosophy of Upanishads was developed in the same fashion as Socratic dialogues by asking questions which had no conclusive answers. 

The Nalanda builds on this heritage of enquiry and learning to develop independent thinking amongst our community, to exchange ideas, and to develop bridges between disciplines, cultures and society. India today needs, more than ever, social, cultural, economic, political and technological dialogues that will explore relationships between citizens and institutions to better understand the direction of growth and roles within and outside the country. Nalanda is a platform for students to understand, debate, enquire and reflect the nuances of issues by engaging with leaders in the society so as to enable them to articulate their unaided thoughts before peers.

Nalanda will be held monthly to provide a small group of students with an opportunity to interact directly with intellectuals and leaders in various domains. Interested students must register for each programme as per the instructions shared with them via email.