What to expect from your First Year at the University?

Coming to the University is an exciting experience – an opportunity to try out new courses of study and to make new friends. The Undergraduate Curriculum at Ahmedabad University is challenging yet flexible and each student can design her academic programme to suit her interests, while satisfying the requirements of her Major. The Major Advisor and Programme Chair will provide the necessary advice in choosing courses and planning one’s academic programme for the first year, and subsequent years.  The Faculty Advisor and Student Mitr, along with the student’s Friends Circle, will provide additional support and companionship when the student arrives at the University.

The first year starts with Orientation Week in which students are introduced to the culture of the University and the roles played by many different individuals and sections of the University. An overview of the academic programme and what is expected of students is shared, while the Student Clubs highlight the many engaging activities and opportunities that are available outside the classroom. Students also register for their courses during this week.

The coursework for the first year includes courses related to Data Science and Communication as well as courses in a student’s Major. In addition each student completes 4 Studio courses on Democracy and Justice, Environment and Climate Change, Neighbourhoods and Water as part of the Foundation Programme. The academic rigour of courses at the University and the effort expected of a student are higher than that at high school. Students are advised to maintain a regular academic pace and attend all sessions – it is easy to fall behind but it is just as easy to make a concerted effort to get the most out of your undergraduate experience. Along with academics students are encouraged to join Student Clubs – these are a great way of meeting new people from across the University with similar interests. The many other University-wide events, including public lectures by faculty and visitors to the University, provide an opportunity for students to engage with issues of their interest and broaden their horizons.