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Undergraduate Research Programme

An Undergraduate Research Programme (UGRP) is to encourage undergraduate students to experience the joy of research and what it means to be a researcher. Through the Undergraduate Research Programme, UGRP, the University provides several opportunities to students to deeply explore issues or ideas by either working on it independently under the supervision of a faculty or with a faculty member in their lab work or on their research projects. This programme tenders valuable preparation for graduate school and imparts exposure to a research-oriented career. It also provides an opportunity to work closely with a professor.


Undergraduate Research Programme (UGRP) as a part of the University Research Board (URB) will provide an opportunity to undergraduates from all disciplines to gain a lifetime experience through mentored research, scholarship, or creative engagements in which students and faculty mentors collaborate in the design and implementation of projects and the dissemination of results.

  • It also aims to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a new field of knowledge, interdisciplinary learning, and a faculty mentored research experience in addition to their course curriculum.
  • The programme enables the students to consider research as a serious career path.
  • We have a great pool of faculty members engaged in various research projects; UGRP will give you an opportunity to be part of it in a constructive way.
  • Any student who is selected for UGRP project will be eligible to apply for UGRP scholarship. UGRP scholars must maintain a high level of academic success.
  • URB could organise a symposium where UGRP student members can present their research to the entire University community.

“In addition to doing research in the lab, UGRP participants will also be able to attend a series of specially designed workshops and seminars on various engaging research topics.”


  • Gain hands-on experience.
  • Become an expert in your field.
  • Build skills and learn new technologies.
  • Explore potential careers in a particular field.
  • Form mentoring relationships with faculty members.
  • Collaborate with other members of your research group.
  • Prepare yourself for a job or graduate study.

Benefits for students

  • Build your CV by gaining research experience.
  • Gain job skills: technical, communication & collaboration.
  • Gain soft skills: personality development & self-confidence.
  • Applying classroom learning to a research problem.
  • Testing interest in research field.

Benefits for faculty

  • Explore a new research area.
  • Collaboration with students, community or scientists.
  • Participate in academic innovation.
  • Publishable research.
  • Generate research funding.

Opportunities with UGRP

  • Design studies & experiments
  • Build models & prototypes
  • Read about your field of interest
  • Enhance critical thinking & problem solving
  • Work & network with research professionals
  • Chance to work on industry driven projects
  • Chance to attend conferences & seminars

How to apply

  • You are getting UGRP Project on offer on your registered email id.
  • Interested students should apply by emailing their research interest to the concerned faculty (via email provided in the offer).
  • When a student gets shortlisted, the faculty will organise a one-on-one interview to discuss the opportunity.
  • Once a formal acceptance for a project is received the student gets registered as a UGRP Student.
  • On successful completion of the project the student will receive certificate during URB Symposium.