Seniors’ Advice Matters

Senior students at Ahmedabad University have some sound advice for the Class of 2027 on negotiating University life, and the list includes everything from building skills through the Foundation Programme and planning their courses over the next four years to the best hangouts and the yummiest food on and off Campus.

Anannya Oli

BTech in Chemical Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Class of 2024

While in the first year, it is a good idea to look out for technical associations, School-specific clubs, or Student Clubs that may interest you and actively engage with them. For instance, I joined the Ahmedabad University Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Such organisations present an opportunity to work on extensive out-of-the-box projects related to your domain of study, such as building physical or simulated models, research presentations, and participating in social initiatives like K-12 events. These activities provide ample chances to compete nationally and internationally with students. It is a great opportunity to interact with professors outside of class and network among batchmates and seniors.

Can’t miss on Campus
The beautiful Plaza between the art deco building of the Management School and the School of Arts and Sciences!

Can’t miss in the city
The Ravivari, the Sunday Market in the old city, is not to be missed. It is a treasure trove of collectibles.

Tanmayi Kalapatapu

BA (Hons) majoring in Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2024

Stay at the University Residences if you are from outside the city; in fact, stay even if you’re from the city! Ahmedabad University offers a favourable environment for cultural inclusivity with people from diverse and layered backgrounds part of it. Coming from Andhra Pradesh, I wondered what the transition would mean for me. But it was not difficult. Especially because I stayed in the Residences, I found myself in the midst of diverse cultures. I even met a lot of students who were from my region and it was a reconnect with the roots for me.

On-Campus hangout
The Arboretum on the University is where you can really spend hours. Look out for the natural seating carved out from fallen trees.

Can’t miss on Campus
The dogs of Ahmedabad who’ve got to be the most adorable canines in the world.

Itisha Rabari

BCom (Hons) majoring in Accounting
Amrut Mody School of Management, Class of 2025

You know those social media apps we're always glued to? Explore the University system AURIS and our ICE App the same way. These tools hold hidden treasures to all your questions -- from information on faculty to schedules to finding all the GER category courses. It is the ultimate mystery box that will save the day. And speaking of gold mines, the course directory is where it's at. I wish I had known this in my first year! Also, your faculty advisors have prepared an indicative four-year plan for you on AURIS. Dive into it multiple times, get inspired, and make your own four-year plan. Trust me, it's the secret sauce to success.

Hangouts on and off Campus
Follow the path from the GICT building to the Biosciences Research Laboratory building for a soothing evening walk that clears your mind. Stay in the same direction beyond the Campus, and you'll discover Ahmedabad Ni Gufa. There's a charming art gallery there, hosting fresh exhibitions every week. My friends and I love it!

Life at University Residences
Lay down roommate ground rules early on. Comfort in your space matters and open communication is vital. Be respectful but clear about your preferences. For example, before hitting the sack, sync up schedules and decide morning bathroom times. It ensures punctuality and boosts your bond.

Saahil Miskeen

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Class of 2023

Our University provides huge academic opportunities and resources like workshops, seminars, discussions, and more. It is important to find like-minded individuals who might share similar beliefs and career aspirations, so that you can have a good peer study group which would make education engaging and motivational. Also, look at avenues to give back to the University in whatever way you can. Being a Student Mitr, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help a bunch of kids from the NGO, Karta Foundation. It helped me understand how different the undergraduate experience was for them. I encouraged them to join the Frisbee team, and in doing this, I saw them grow in confidence and play at different universities and conduct workshops for others keen on learning the sport. 

Can’t miss on Campus
Be at Ingenium. The Engineering School hosts this annual event where you get a chance to be on Campus for 36 hours straight!

Off-Campus hangout
One amazing place to hangout in Ahmedabad would be Kamala Cafe run by the SEWA women. It's really peaceful and has an aura of empowerment.

Nikita Amresh

Integrated MS in Life Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2024

I come from Bangalore, a city that works on a 24-hour clock. In Ahmedabad, the pace is very different. It brings you closer to moments that you miss out on in a big city. Be comfortable with adapting to change. Moving out of your comfort zone keeps you on your feet. Embrace the new culture, the friendships, the campus life. 

Can’t miss on Campus
The opportunity to work and make friends with students University-wide.

Can’t miss in the city
The old city is the place that is romanticised for its rich heritage and you must explore it. Also, the Garba during Navratri and the street food is something you must make the most of.

Gehena Shah

BS (Hons) majoring in Physics
School of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2025

You’re going to love the concept of the Blank Lab as a Physics student. It has been the most fascinating one so far compared to the other labs I have experienced. It’s actually BLANK. We have workstations and we need to devise our own experiments by creating the tools we might need and setting up processes. Once we were asked to find the value of acceleration due to gravity but weren’t allowed to follow prescribed textbook experiments. We set up a plywood support, off which we rolled off balls and calculated the time to ground. We had to budget these tools we created and it’s not extravagant! Errors, failures, and discoveries are all part of the Blank Lab and there is such room for growth and learning, it must be experienced. 

Must-try food on Campus
Banana ginger shake without ginger at the University Centre Cafeteria!

Can’t miss on Campus
Spending the winter mornings on the mounds across the School of Arts and Sciences building.

Aayush Khadka

BBA (Hons) with an Undeclared Major
Amrut Mody School of Management, Class Of 2026

In the first year, we often wonder why the Foundation Programme is vital to education at Ahmedabad University. The Foundation Programme helps you build a solid base and understand interdisciplinary learning and working. Use the Foundation Programme Studios to make concrete connections. There are many debates to participate in, especially in the Studio on Democracy and Justice. Take active part in all of them. Unless you're open to trying new things, they won't find their place.

When I joined, I wasn't sure about what I must major in, hence I came in Undeclared. The golden rule is that the School’s core courses are the same for all, so even as an Undeclared Major, I had a few courses that I knew I had to take. There were a few other courses I tried and thereafter I've realised I'm most interested in Economics and Finance.

Must-try food on Campus
Sandwiches and the sizzling brownie from Cafe Delice at the University Cafeteria are absolute musts!

Off-Campus hangout
There's a great library with a cafe called Arthshila close to Campus. It's a lovely place to simply read or study or explore their art offerings.

Samarth Bankar

BS (Hons) majoring in Computer Science
School of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2026

In your first year at Ahmedabad University, be open to a profound journey of self-discovery. While it's natural to have expectations and aspirations, be cautious of what I call 'fake friends of conformity’. These are voices that encourage you to conform blindly to societal or academic norms. Don't merely accept knowledge; dissect it, challenge it, and build your own unique perspective.

Can’t miss on Campus
Don't overlook the tranquil libraries and the abundant study spaces on our lively campus.

Darsh Modi

BBA (Hons) majoring  in Marketing
Amrut Mody School of Management, Class of 2026

Spend a lot of time on Campus because it offers multiple and varied opportunities if you're willing to grab them. My first year allowed me to connect with new people University-wide, coming from diverse Majors and diverse backgrounds. These shared experiences are invaluable. It also helps to engage with faculty, and industry experts and leaders who visit our Campus. In a management school, networking and insightful communication are among the biggest skills you need. Also, I would say, discover new courses. I recently took a course on the Indian Legal System, and I am hooked!

Must-do on Campus
Attending The Nalanda is an absolute must, as I have discovered. It helps you interact with distinguished speakers who have achieved something phenomenal in their lives. I remember attending one session on tigers in India and I never thought I'd be so moved by that discussion. The Nalanda helps you express yourself freely about topics you're interested in or just curious about. Also, Student Clubs have great activities that help you gain confidence and improve your communication skills. For me, the Literary Fest organised by our Literary Club was a fantastic experience. 

Can’t miss in the city
Off-campus, I like walking on the Sabarmati Riverfront. But the most awesome of them all is just about any spot in this city during Navratri, one of the most vibrant festivals in the world!

Hardwi Patwa

BA (Hons) majoring in Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences, Class Of 2026

Pause, breathe, and let it sink in – you are in a university! Transitioning from school to university is a huge milestone and it won't be smooth for all, but that's alright. Don't force yourself to figure out everything in the first year itself. Take your time. I discovered that here is a very helpful community that will figure out ways to help you with what you need. There's also a mental health counsellor and a doctor on Campus, so seek help when and as often as you need it. Moreover, don't worry; you'll find your group of friends at some point, not necessarily in the first year itself. You'll find them in the most unexpected places, so keep your mind open.

Go-to place on Campus
The University's Central Library, situated in the GICT building that houses the School of Engineering and Applied Science, is a must-go! That place offers so many books that it is heaven for a bibliophile like me.

Must-try food on Campus
As a Jain, my food options are very defined, but the University Centre Cafeteria's blueberry smoothie, waffles, Nutella sandwich, pancakes, and dahi chaat are totally meant for me.

Dhruv Jagani

BTech in Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Class of 2025

Let me drop this truth bomb: Communications class is the most important as a first year. You may be underestimating that one as many before you have, but you must not. You'll discover that communication is a vital skill you cannot do without whatever your chosen domain or workspace. Why does an engineer need to communicate? You will understand the response to this in the coming years, so give this one a lot of attention in the first year.

On-Campus hangout
The Stepwell, our amphitheatre, because it is one of the most peaceful places on Campus. It is also significant because a lot of student activities happen there and to me it stands for the community building at the University. It is a melting pot of cultures, that space. When you're out and about in the city, cycling on the riverfront is always refreshing.  

Must-try food on Campus
Waffles from the breakfast buffet at the University Centre Cafeteria. On several days through the week, I have classes as early as 8, so those blueberry waffles have been my saviour.