N. Padmanabhan

PhD (Applied Mathematics), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Areas of interest
Image Processing, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Modelling

N. Padmanabhan is a Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science since January 2015.  He obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, on Theoretical Modelling of the Fluid Mechancs of the Cardiovascular system.  After a stint of Post Doctoral stuies at IIT Delhi and Cambridge Universty, he joined Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad as a Scientist.  While in ISRO, he designed, developed and implemented algorithms for  generating data products from the Indian Remote Sensing and Meteorological satellites.    He worked at the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram as an Adjunct Professor for two years and one year at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vadodara, before joining Ahmedabad University in 2014.

His primary interests are Linear Algebra, Image Processing and Mathematical Modelling of real life problems.



Am interested in Digital Image Processing, Mathematical Modelling for real life problems and Linear Algebra

Mathematical Modelling for Indira Gandhi National Open University course MTE 14 - This is a book
consisting of three blocks; I am the sole author of Block 2 on Mathematical Modelling in the Physical
International Journals
1. Mathematical Model of arterial stenosis, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing,18(3), 281-86, 1980.
2. Pulsatile blood flow in a stenosed artery-a theoretical model (with R. Mehrotra and G.Jayaraman)- Medical Bio-
logical Engineering and Computing 23(1),55-62, 1985.
3. Entry flow in heated curved pipes, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 30(7), 1453-63, 1987.
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5. Mathematical Model of arterial stenosis allowing for tethering (with R.Devanathan), Medical and Biological Engi-
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6. Three dimensional steady streaming in a uniform tube with an oscillating elliptical cross-section (with T.J.Pedley),
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7. Retrieval of land surface albedo and temperature using data from Indian Geostationary satellite - a case study
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8. Assessing Solar Energy Potential using diurnal Remote Sensing Observations from Kalpana-1 VHRR over Indian
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10. Entry Flow in a circular tube of slowly varying cross-section (with G.Jayaraman and R. Mehrotra), Fluid Dynamics
Research 1, 1986, 131-144.

National Journals
1. Formulation of Time Series Vegetation Index from Indian Geostationary Satellite and Comparison with Global
Products, Indian Journal of Remote Sensing, 40, 2012, 1-9
2. Continental scale vegetation index from Indian geostationary satellite: algorithm definition and validation, Current
Science, 100, 2011, 1184
3. Study of various resampling techniques for high resolution imagery (with S.B.Gurjar), Indian Journal of Remote
Sensing, 33, 2005, 113N.Padmanabhan
4. Geolocation and mosaicking for generating data products from the CCD payload data of INSAT 2E (with R.Ramakrishnam
and S.B. Gurjar) - Current Science 86, 2004, 1113
5. An automated seamless mosaicking system of Multi-Charge Coupled Devices of Panchromatic data (R.Ramakrishnan,
S.M.Moorthi and P.Gupta) - Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 32, 2004
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Mausam 46(2), 1995
7. Pulsatile low of a viscous fluid through curved elastic pipes (with R. Devanathan)- Proc. Indian National Science
Academy, 53A(2), 1987, 280-94
8. Pulsatile Blood flow in a stenosed artery: A theoretical model (with R. Mehrotra and G. Jayaraman), Physiological
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10. Low Reynolds number steady flow in a curved tube of varying cross-section (with R.Devanathan), Indian Journal
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11. Pulsatile flow of blood in a capillary with permeable wall (with R. Devanathan) - Medical and Life Sciences Engi-
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12. Exact solution for the unsteady motion of a viscous fluid in a porous annulus, Journal of Indian Institute of Science
61(B), 1979, 43-49.

Proceedings of International Symposium
1. Geometric correction model for the generation of terrain corrected products - Proc. ISPRS symposium, Bangalore,
February 1998
2. Geometric modelling of optical imaging and geometric correction of remote sensing data - Tutorial Lecture in the
ISPRS symposium, Bangalore, February 1998
3. Soil Fertility evaluation for fertiliser recommendation using Hyperion Data (with Ranendu Ghosh and K.C.Patel)-
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XL-
1W5,2015 International Conference on Sensors & Models in Remote Sensing & Photogrametry, 23-25 Nov 2015,
Kish Island, Iran
4. Registration of KALPANA-1 VHRR and INSAT-3A CCD imagery for Meteorological Studies (with Jignesh Bhatt)-
Emerging Big Data Technologies Summit, Melbourne, December 2016.
Proceedings of National Symposium
1. Georeferencing of Kalpana 1 VHRR Data - Workshop on Satellite Meteorology, 50 year journey, held at Ahmedabad,
Oct 2010
2. A continental scale vegetation index from Indian Geostationary satellite - International workshop on Impact of
Climate Change on Agriculture (with Nigam, Bhattacharya, Gunjal and Patel) - ISPRS-GEO and ISRS-ISRO, Dec
17-18, 2009, Ahmedabad
3. Retrieval of Radiation Budget parameters for Agrometeorological applications using Kalpana 1 VHRR data - One
day seminar on Kalpana 1 50 months in orbit, ISAC, Bangalore, January 2007
4. Data Products System for Kalpana 1 - One Day Seminar on Kalpana 1 50 months in orbit, ISAC, Bangalore,
January 2007
5. Geometric correction of data from CCD payload of INSAT 2E - Proc. ISRS symposium 2006
6. An approach for sub-pixel level registration for multispectral data - Proc. INCA Congress 2002
7. Resampling kernel for high resolution imagery, Proc of ISRS symposium 2001
8. Customised software for Image Analysis for IRS 1C/1D/P4 Data Products- Proc. ISRS symposium 1999

Monsoon 2015,2016

BTech(ICT) First Semester - Calculus and Differential Equations - 4 credits

Winter 2014

BTech(ICT) First Semester - Discrete Mathematics - 4 credits

Winter 2014,2015, 2016,2019

BTech(Chem/Mech/ICT) Second Semester - Linear Algebra (Maths II) - 4 credits

Winter 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

BTech(Chem/Mech) Second Semester - Introduction to Computation and Programming - 4 credits

Monsoon 2015,2016,2017,2018

BTech (Chem/Mech/ICT) First Semester - Calculus and Differential Equations-4 credits

Winter 2017,2018

BTech (ICT) Fifth Semester - Elective  Digital Image Processing-3 credits

Winter 2017,2018,2019 

MTech - First Semester - Mathematics




Referee for

 1.  IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing

 2.  Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing

 3.  Member of Doctoral committee of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram


130, School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Ahmedabad University,
Ahmedabad Education Society FP. 4,
Near Commerce Six Roads,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009, India



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