Aditya Prakash Kanth

Assistant Professor
PhD (Art Conservation), National Museum Institute, New Delhi
Areas of interest
Paintings Conservation, Research on heritage materials

Dr. Aditya Prakash Kanth is an art conservator. He has completed his PhD in conservation from National Museum Institute, New Delhi. 


 Published Papers

  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M. "­Vibrational spectroscopy and SEM-EDX analysis of wall painted surfaces, Orchha Fort, IndiaJournal of archaeological science reports, Elsevier, pp. 434 -444, vol. 24, 2019.
  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M., Pandey, S. "Optimizing the rigidity of agar and gellan gels for cleaning of sensitive acrylic emulsion painted surfaces” International Journal of conservation science. pp. 451-462. vol.9, issue 3, 2018.
  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M., Pandey, S. "An explorative study of cleaning acrylic painted surfaces with concentrated polyelectrolyte xanthan hydrogels” International Journal of engineering and science research. pp. 176-185, vol. 7, issue 12, 2017.
  • Kanth, A.P., Pandey, S. "Recent advances in gel-based systems for cleaning of works of art Indian Association for the study of conservation of cultural property (IASC), pp.41-50, vol.41, 2016.

Conference Papers

  • Kanth, A.P., Singh, M. ­­­­"The formation of a microbial veil on the decorative mural surfaces revealed by multi-spectroscopic examination" in a conference on Preventive conservation and management of wall paintings in historic buildings held in IGNCA, New Delhi, October 16-17, 2018.
  • Kanth, A.P., Savita, R.P. "Maintaining standards for preventive conservation: A case study at National Museum, New Delhi" in Annual conference held by Indian Association for the study of conservation of cultural property, New Delhi, Nov. 2016.
  • Kanth, A.P. "Scientific Documentation of Indian Modern and Contemporary Art: A Need in Present Perspective” in CIDOC International conference held in New Delhi, September 2015.


Center for Heritage Manag, School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Ahmedabad University,
Ahmedabad Education Society FP. 4,
Near Commerce Six Roads,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009, India


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