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Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM)

Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM) offers MBA, iMBA, BBA, BCom as well as short duration programmes that will prepare students to transform lives, organizations and the world in a meaningful way. The school works closely with industry to provide a robust balance of relevant and conceptual education. It also enables learning through in-depth projects, access to other schools of the university, and international collaborations.

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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) will eventually form the core of education at Ahmedabad University. Currently, SAS operates the Division of Biological and Life Sciences and is in the process of establishing divisions in Humanities and Languages, Social Sciences, and the Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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School of Computer Studies

Deemed a leader in computer studies in Gujarat, the School of Computer Studies provides technology expertise and knowledge for career development in the IT industry. The curriculum is contemporary and industry-oriented with specializations and emerging trends in IT and computing. The School has a strong application- orientation and a hands-on approach to learning. The institute offers a five-year integrated M.C.A. programme (iMCA), and a two-year MCA programme.

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School of Engineering and Applied Science

School of Engineering and Applied Science delivers undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programmes with extensive student-centric pedagogies to produce relevant learning outcomes. Our project-based approach and a design driven curriculum prepare graduates with aptitudes for lifelong learning, complex problem solving, design and innovation orientation. They also learn to adapt technology to meet changing needs. The school offers BTech, MTech, (with the option of a dual Bachelors and Masters), and PhD programmes.

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Centre for Heritage Management

The Centre for Heritage Management (CHM) is an unprecedented institution in India specializing in heritage management. As India possesses an ancient culture and rich heritage, CHM envisions pioneering professional heritage managers to promote conservation and management of the country’s cultural assets so that they are not lost to future generations. Furthermore, this mission to preserve heritage would add value to local communities and to the country.

CHM offers a Masters programme in Heritage Management.

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VentureStudio is a centre for design of enterprise and for the building of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. An accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs, VentureStudio is established in active collaboration with Stanford University’s Centre for Design Research. This platform assists entrepreneurs in creating innovative and scalable ventures by providing the support of coaches, expert mentors and engaged investors.

Through design-led approaches to business creation, VentureStudio aims to nucleate an ecosystem of innovation that advances regional economic development and creates national and global impact.

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Centre for Learning Futures

The Centre for Learning Futures at Ahmedabad University aims at inculcating a culture of collaborative learning. It is an independent centre that facilitates acquisition of knowledge and skills with a focus to improve comprehension of concepts, ideas, world-views, values, and theories. The Centre is also responsible for helping students improve comprehension of course materials and strengthen writing skills.

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