Amrut Mody School of Management

Amrut Mody School of Management offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes in Management, as well as short-term certificate courses for working professionals. The School works closely with industry, and provides balance between rigorous practice and strong conceptual education.

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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences presently offers programmes in Biological and Life Sciences, Social Sciences divisions and is in the process of establishing divisions of Humanities and Languages, Performing and Fine Arts, and Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Programmes in these disciplines will commence in 2018, and emphasise interdisciplinary, research-based teaching aimed at fostering a spirit of innovation and discovery.

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School of Computer Studies

The School of Computer Studies aims to inculcate career-focused technological expertise in its students. The school takes a hands-on approach to learning, with an emphasis on direct application of skills and concepts. The curriculum is contemporary and industry-oriented, and offers specialisations in IT and computing.

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School of Engineering and Applied Science

The School of Engineering and Applied Science offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes. The School emphasises project-based learning and a student-centric pedagogy. This approach is aimed at creating an aptitude for design, innovation, and finding solutions for complex problems.

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Centre for Heritage Management

Centre for Heritage Management offers specialised education in heritage studies and professional management of diverse heritage resources. This includes, but is not limited to, the management of monuments, crafts, museums, natural resources, tourism, urban development; as well as intangible heritage such as languages, music, customs and the performing arts.

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VentureStudio mentors and supports innovators in the start-up ecosystem. VentureStudio incubates projects across sectors such as health, education, energy, environment, agro, consumer products, and transportation.

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Centre for Learning Futures

The Centre for Learning Futures (CLeF) is an independent institution that runs a reading and writing support programme. CLeF facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills to improve the comprehension of concepts, ideas, world-views, values, and theories.

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Global Centre for Environment and Energy

Global Centre for Environment and Energy is a one-of-its-kind Centre of Excellence at Ahmedabad University. The Centre fosters and pursues interdisciplinary academic research, and designs technological and social experimentation related to environment, energy and natural resources.

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