Undergraduate Research Programme

The Undergraduate Research Programme (UGRP)  encourages undergraduate students to experience the joy of research and what it means to be a researcher. Through the Undergraduate Research Programme the University provides opportunities to students to deeply explore issues or ideas by either working on them independently under the supervision of a faculty member or with faculty in their laboratory or on their research projects. This programme is a good preparation for graduate school and provides an exposure to a research-oriented career. It also provides an opportunity to work closely with a professor. Students should respond to announcements by faculty who may be looking for students for their research projects. Students are also encouraged to directly approach the faculty and express their desire to work with them on research projects.


  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Build skills and learn new methodologies
  • Gain a better understanding of your discipline
  • Explore potential careers in a particular field
  • Form mentoring relationships with faculty members
  • Collaborate with members of a research group
  • Prepare yourself for a job or graduate study


  • Build your CV by gaining research experience
  • Gain vital job skills - technical, communication and collaborative skills
  • Gain the crucial soft skills of personality development and self-confidence
  • Apply classroom learning to a research problem
  • Explore your interest in a research field


  • Explore a new research area
  • Collaborate with students
  • Generate publishable research
  • Generate results for further research funding


  • Design and carry out studies, surveys and experiments
  • Build Models and Prototypes
  • Read about your field of interest
  • Enhance Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills
  • Work and network with research professionals
  • Work on industry driven projects
  • Attend conferences and seminars

How to apply

Research projects offered will be shared by the Undergraduate College from time to time. Interested students should apply by responding by email to the faculty proposing the project. Before selection, the faculty may conduct an interview to discuss the project.

To learn more, contact the Undergraduate College at [email protected] for details regarding the programme.

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