Programmes at Ahmedabad University


Our undergraduate programmes offer foundational education, specialised knowledge and multi-faceted learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. We are also introducing various initiatives to help students, strengthen their foundation in core subjects, and learn through engagement and collaboration.

All students entering the undergraduate programme at Ahmedabad University go through our common core, the Foundation Programme, in the first year. This Programme builds the foundations of interdisciplinary learning at Ahmedabad University and enables students to engage with issues of the society through project based learning. The Foundation programme is built around six domains that define contemporary academic and life skills in the 21st century, areas of innovation that are transforming the world, and perspectives that help become a responsible member of any society. These include:

Data Science, Materials, Biology and Life, Behaviour, Constitution and Civilization, and Communication.

The delivery of these areas is done through thematic courses in studio format to develop amongst our students a holistic approach to thinking and enquiry.They would learn to understand multiple issues that define a problem and learn the art and science of synthesis. The Thematic Studios are:

Democracy and Justice, Environment and Climate Change, Neighbourhoods, and Water

The goal is to engage the students’ imagination with contemporary problems that the society in which they live encounters. Each theme is explored through a set of domains thereby creating interdisciplinary learning. At the same time, domain knowledge is delivered through an application area. For instance, certain topics studied in the Studio on Water will include inputs from Biology and Life, Behaviour, Data Science, and Communication. The students will thus learn that many systems of knowledge are required to solve challenging problems.

The Foundation Programme will contribute 12 credits to the total number of credits earned by students at the University.

The Foundation Programme provides students their first exposure to the interdisciplinary educational philosophy of Ahmedabad University and inculcates critical thinking skills.  Students in a Studio first identify issues relevant to the Theme of the Studio, understand the various dimensions to these issues, analyse the related data, and consider solutions. While school education is often focused narrowly on a few related subjects the Foundation Programme expands the outlook of students and teaches them that real life issues and societal problems are multi-dimensional and require interdisciplinary solutions.

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