Library Team Directory

Central Library Extension No.
G. K. Manjunath Director of Libraries 91-79-61911182
Sangita Purohit Head Library 91-79-61911105
Manoj Rathod Library Assistant 91-79-61911654
Chetas Bhagat Professional Library Assistant 91-79-61911104
Rahul Kanani Library Trainee 91-79-61911653

Amrut Mody School of Management Undergraduate Programme Reading Room

Central Library Extension No.
Arpita Christian Library Assistant 91-79-61911421
Anjali Saluke Library Assistant 91-79-61911777
Kamlesh Patel Library Executive 91-79-61911 370/371

School of Computer Studies Reading Room

Central Library Extension No.
Manisha Babariya Library Assistant 91-79-61911485
Divya Davada Library Assistant 91-79-61911486

School of Arts and Sciences, Biological and Life Sciences, Reading Room

Central Library Extension No.
Kinjal Rajwadi Library Trainee 91-79-61911272

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