The Conversation Series: Interdisciplinarity

The Conversation Series: Interdisciplinarity
Oct 10, 2020 06:00 PM - 7:30 PM Online Webinar Series

Over millennia, the world had arrived at an equilibrium, albeit precarious, in terms of an agreed set of ethical norms, laws, and regulations to govern most aspects of life and business. However, many emerging technologies are leaping ahead too fast for law and regulation to catch up. Who is responsible if an autonomous car crashes: the car owner, the car maker, or the software maker? What are the ethical bounds of human genome editing? What laws, if any, govern the development of AI? Governments struggle to make laws fast enough. Philosophers are left scrambling to resolve ethical dilemmas posed by emerging technology.

In biotechnology, blockchain, robotics, nanotechnology, autonomous driving, cybersecurity, data privacy and beyond, there is an urgent need for governance. It is the wild west all over again. Where are the sheriffs of this new cowboy country?

The speakers will explore areas of intersection between ethics, law, and technology: new and innovative models needed to bridge the widening gap between emerging technologies and governance.



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