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Substance Abuse Awareness Workshop

Substance Abuse Awareness Workshop
October 19, 2016 School of Engineering and Applied Science Workshops

SEAS, in collaboration with SSETU, organized for its first year students a session on the ill effects of drug abuse. Shri Hari Om Gandhi, Zonal Director Narcotics Control Bureau, addressed the students on Wednesday, 19th October at SEAS campus. He spoke about reasons why some youngsters take to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. He also cited statistics and mentioned the link between the drug trade and funding for terrorism. Dr. Sheetal Punjabi talked about the health hazards emanating from such addictions, often leading to problems like shortened life, infertility, lung failure and general organ degeneration. Another speaker on the team, Rohan Maheshwari (CA by profession) is a volunteer committed to the cause of creating awareness about the same. He spoke about fitness and healthy life style and urged students to come forward to participate in organizing activities that spread the message of maintaining good health. It was an interactive session lasting two hours.