Learning Coalition

Learning Coalition
Mar 07, 2018 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm Room 106, GICT Building Workshops

To advance our practice of project based learning and experiential learning courses, we are setting up our own collaborative workshop, The Learning Coalition. Learning requires establishment of a coalition between the learners and between the teacher and the learners for the class to succeed. The workshop participants prepare for better learning experiences for our students. The Learning Coalition was a one and a half day long collaborative experience to advance our own knowledge and practices of active pedagogies like ENABLE. 

 In this hands-on workshop participants:
  • Understood the role of empathy with students and their learning needs.
  • Understood the importance of creating a learning environment that increases engagement with students and motivates them to go beyond their own disciplines.
  • Designed project-based courses, new assessment approaches, and ENABLE based pedagogical experiences that are more hands on in nature.
  • Applied learning from the workshop to design experiences in individual context and courses.
  • Explored collaborations and interdisciplinary course design between faculty from different schools.



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