Vandana Chak

Visiting Professor
LL.M. (Harvard)
Areas of interest
Legal Principles of Governance, Entrepreneurship Laws and Venture Funding on Natural Resources Management and Social Entrepreneurship Businesses

Vandana Chak, B.A. (Hon), LL.B. (Delhi), LL.M. (Harvard), is a New York based lawyer with over 30 years of practice experience in business and corporate laws.  She has taught core business and corporate law courses at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Jindal Global University to students of management, engineering and law.  In teaching corporate regulations she focuses on legal principles of governance and in teaching entrepreneurship laws and venture funding on natural resources management and social entrepreneurship businesses.  Her motivation to teach in India is based on bringing contemporary knowledge on the subjects to bridge the knowledge gap.  She has also taught Indian constitutional law, evidence laws at National Law School, Delhi and Human Rights law at Amity Law School, Noida.  

Her academic publications are Harvard International Law Journal Vol. 29, No 1 Winter 1987. Book Review of The Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law by Nigel Rodley, and Harvard Women's Law Journal Vol. 11, Spring 1988. International Maternity Leave Policies.

She has lived in several regions of India and has travelled world-wide.


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