Paragi Shah

Assistant Professor
PhD (Dharamsinh Desai University)
Areas of interest
Entrepreneurship and Marketing Management

Paragi Shah is an academician with about 14 years of industry and academic experience. Dr. Shah has Doctorate degree in Management, Master’s degree in Business Administration focused on marketing, and double Bachelor’s in Law and Commerce. Currently she is the programme chair for integrated Masters of Business Administration since 2016, and Assistant Professor in the area of Entrepreneurship and Marketing with Ahmedabad University. She is a profound teacher having taught subjects like Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Retail Management, International Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management and B2B marketing. Her research interests lie in Entrepreneurship and Retail Management. She has published research papers and articles in national and international journals and co-authored a book on ‘Project Management in Retail’.

She has experience of teaching and mentoring in the area of Entrepreneurship at Olin College of Engineering, USA, Cambridge University, UK , and Keio University, Japan. She is also engaged as a master trainer with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). She is an avid mentor, having guided several projects of either start-up companies or expansion and growth of existing businesses. She is also engaged as a retainer or a consultant for various business and marketing projects.


Paragi's research interests are;

- Entrepreneurship cognition

-Go to market strategies by start-ups

- Women and Entrepreneurship

- Sourcing strategies in Retail 





Shah Paragi, Patel B (2013), “Project Management for Retail”, Self-Instructional Material for Sikkim Manipal University, Vikas Publishing Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi



Shah Paragi, (2015), “Vendor Selection Criteria for Outsourcing Apparels: The Perspective of Retailers in India”, “Journal of Academy of Business and Economics”, Vol 15, pg 39-46, ISSN: 1542-8710 

Shah Paragi, Mehta B (2014), "Conceptualization, Planning and Management of Ahmedabad Heritage" under CRMS Research Grant by IIM Ahmadabad

Shah Paragi, (2012), “Issues in ERP Implementation in India: An Implementer's Perspective", Book- MACMILLAN Advanced research Series on Competitive Advantage through Globalization, Pg. - 328-342, ISBN - 978-935-059-090-4. 

Shah Paragi, Mehta B (2012), “Effect Of Sales Promotions And Their Availability On Consumers’ Buying Behavior: A Perspective On Personal Hygiene Products”, Indian journal of Marketing, Issue 42, Pg. 30-37. ISSN 093-8703. 

Shah Paragi, (2012), “Identification of key strategic factors in apparel sourcing decision by Indian retailers; A case based study”, International journal of Research Commerce and Management, Issue – 8(August), Vol – 3(2012), ISSN 2231-5756 

Shah Paragi, Mehta B (2012), “EBOs vs. MBOs : Men’s Readymade Garment Retail Formats Preferences”, research series on “Managing Tomorrow; Issues and Challenges”, ISBN 978-81-922983-2-0

Shah Paragi, Mehta B (2011), “Measuring service quality in exclusive retail showrooms of Ahmedabad” , ‘Managing in Turbulent Times – Enterprise Initiatives and Technological Implications’ Nirma University,. ISBN 93-80697-45-7

Shah Paragi, Mehta B (2011), “Study investigating behavioral nature of an entrepreneur – An Indian Perspective”, Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary research, ISSN: 2231-5780, 2011



       Shah Paragi, Chokshi A (2013) ‘Expansion Issues and Concerns - A case study of Edifab Infrastructure Private ltd., Prefabricated Industry’ presented in Fourth Asian Conference on Family        Business, ISB (Indian School of Business on 1-3 February 2013.

Teaching at Ahmedabad University 

Post Graduate Courses

- Marketing Management (Project Based Learning)

- Products and Markets (Project Based Learning)

-Sales and Distribution Management 

- Retail Management

- Business to Business Marketing 

- International Marketing 

Undergraduate Courses

- Marketing Management 

- Introduction to Entrepreneurship 


Teaching at Olin College of Engineering, USA (Fall semester, 2017)

- Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (Project Based Learning) 

- Iterate (Project Based Learning) 


Other international teaching and mentoring assignments

- Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK (July-August, 2014)

- Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK (July-August, 2015)

- Cranfield University, UK, (October-November, 2016)

- Keio University, Japan (September, 2016)


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