July 2022

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Online Via Zoom


In A Man's World: Overcoming Gender Bias In Leadership

The Conversation Series

Hema Hattangady

Former CEO, Conzerv Systems
Mentor, Author, Impact Investor, Independent Director
Adjunct Professor - Takshashila Institution

Professor Ravi Miglani

Professor of Practice of Management
Director, Executive Education
Ahmedabad University

Despite some progress, unfortunately the world still revolves around men. Some Indian women have established themselves as leaders, breaking the glass ceiling. They have redefined the work culture and have created inclusive spaces. Many inspiring women have dared to dream big. But this has not been easy. Women in leadership positions are still an exception.

How do Indian women overcome gender bias in the corporate world? Bias comes in several shades; from serious harassment, to micro-aggressions, to mansplaining, to unconscious bias – how does a woman leader address these? Are women leaders held to a different standard compared to men who did not have to face gender bias? How are organisations combating gender bias to ensure women get their fair share in leadership? Does work-life balance exist for women leaders?

Our speaker, a former CEO and currently a mentor of women entrepreneurs and leaders, will share her inspirational story of grit and determination as a corporate leader. Reflecting on her stint as CEO and growing the organisation inside out, she will recount the difficulties a woman leader faces in creating inclusive and equitable business practices in a sector dominated by a male workforce.


Hema Hattangady

Former CEO of Conzerv Systems, Hema Hattangady, is a mentor, author, and impact investor. An IIT Kolkata alumnus, she is now Adjunct Professor at Takshashila Institution. She has been named by Powerline, a premier Indian publication in the power sector, as one of the ten women who have contributed meaningfully to the domain. Under her leadership, Conzerv was the only metering company to launch energy audit and consulting services. Hema changed the business model and the marketing/communication strategy to position Conzerv as a specialist in Consulting, Training, and Products for Energy Efficiency. She has been instrumental in creating industry collaborations and social and educational programmes around energy efficiency. Currently, she is actively mentoring women entrepreneurs and visionaries, and coaching start-up entrepreneurs and leaders of non-profits.


Professor Ravi Miglani

Ravi Miglani is Professor of Practice of Management and Director of Executive Education at Ahmedabad University. In his 35 years of experience in marketing research and consumer insights, he has worked with multinational organisations across the domain, including market research, consumer behaviour, customer engagement, and research-based marketing consulting. He is a postgraduate in management from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (1983). At Ahmedabad University, he has developed a course on Interdisciplinary Approach To Consumer Understanding using the principles of marketing research and the thinking and methodologies of adjacent disciplines (like neuromarketing, behavioural economics, and ethnography) to fully understand consumer choices at a deep System 1 brain level.