September 2022

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (IST)

Online Via Zoom


From Data To Insights: Using Numbers To Tell Stories About India and Indians

The Conversation Series

Hemant Mehta

Former Managing Director, Insights Division And Chief Strategy Officer for South Asia, KANTAR
Aspiring Farmer And Founder of

Professor Ravi Miglani

Professor of Practice of Management
Director, Executive Education
Ahmedabad University

The world is drowning in data. Yet, we are often clueless about how the world works. The answers are hidden in data. But we cannot see the insights, until we cut and polish this data to unshackle the stories imprisoned within. The future belongs to storytellers; to those who can make data sing; who can paint portraits of real people in their full multicolour 3D glory, not obfuscate with dense spreadsheets.

How do data professionals dive into data and emerge with nuggets of insights? How do we arrive at the ‘aha’ moment? How do research professionals churn the ocean of data to distil the elixir of wisdom?

Our speaker is a veteran market researcher and consumer insights professional. He looks for stories in data; stories that bring the quirks of India and Indians to the fore, often in amusing and surprising ways. He has written a book, India In Numbers, that tells hundreds of such stories about India. He will show us how researchers take obscure data and shine a light on it to reveal the hidden meaning.


Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is former Managing Director, Insights Division And Chief Strategy Officer for South Asia at data analytics and brand consulting company, Kantar. A keen observer of market and consumer behaviour for over three decades, he uses his observations to advise leading global and local brands and companies on their future growth strategies. He has spearheaded industry currencies and large scale continuous, behavioural measurements - such as Consumer purchase panels and Audience Measurement systems - in India and the South Asia region. He is also an angel investor supporting entrepreneurs in consumer digital services.


Professor Ravi Miglani

Ravi Miglani is Professor of Practice of Management and Director of Executive Education at Ahmedabad University. In his 35 years of experience in marketing research and consumer insights, he has worked with multinational organisations across the domain, including market research, consumer behaviour, customer engagement, and research-based marketing consulting. He is a postgraduate in management from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (1983). At Ahmedabad University, he has developed a course on Interdisciplinary Approach To Consumer Understanding using the principles of marketing research and the thinking and methodologies of adjacent disciplines (like neuromarketing, behavioural economics, and ethnography) to fully understand consumer choices at a deep System 1 brain level.