Admissions 2021

Education at Ahmedabad University offers intellectual rigour, deep focus on research, unique opportunities for academic collaboration, and creative momentum. As new students, you will join a vibrant, talented community committed to academic excellence and personal growth.


Undergraduate Admissions for the academic year commencing August 2021 are open.

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There is a separate online application form for admission to our BTech Programme.

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Certificate and Diploma Programmes

We offer the following Diploma and Certificate Programmes to graduates of Ahmedabad University and other Universities. These programmes allow students to explore their intellectual interests beyond the degree they have completed as well as gain additional skills. The 2-semester Diploma will also provide students a fourth year at the University, which makes them eligible to apply to a range of graduate programmes abroad.

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  1. 2-semester 30-credit postgraduate Diploma
  2. 15-credit Certificate Programme full-time in one semester or part-time over two semesters
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Student Housing

Safe and modern Student Housing is available at a three kilometre distance from the Campus. A dedicated shuttle service plies between Campus and the Student Housing.

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* Admissions criteria may vary from Programme to Programme.

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