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Ahmedabad University offers an unparalleled education immersed in intellectual rigor, collaboration, research and the momentum to use knowledge toward personal growth and for the benefit of individuals and communities around the world. We offer financial aid to make a higher education possible for students.

Fees & Financial Aid

At Ahmedabad University, we believe that finances should not stand in the way of an excellent education. We attest to this by providing financial support to students on a merit and need basis.

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Ahmedabad University is a vibrant community of talented and creative students and faculty committed to academic excellence. We welcome students from across India and around the world who demonstrate the potential and desire to succeed in an academically engaging and challenging environment. Admission is merit-based and need-blind. We provide financial support to students who have demonstrated need as per the University's policy.

To learn more about the admissions process for each of our programmes please explore the relevant links below.


We offer a variety of graduate programmes, master’s and doctoral programmes for individuals who are just starting or continuing their academic research, or professional careers. Admission requirements vary for each programme.

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