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Education at Ahmedabad University offers and expects intellectual rigour, deep focus on research, unique opportunities for academic collaboration and creative momentum. As new students, you will join a vibrant, talented community dedicated to academic excellence, personal growth and society’s well-being.

Financial Aid

Ahmedabad University is committed to making exceptional education affordable for all admitted students. It is one of a very few colleges nationwide that does not consider finances when reviewing an admission application. We are quite happy to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of our students. Each year, thanks to loyal and generous alumni donations, this University awards millions of dollars in need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships to its students.

We are determined that finances should not stand in the way of an excellent education. Especially when we see genuine merit and need.

Merit Scholarships


With a view to attract academically bright students to Ahmedabad University, and to recognise the academic achievements of current students, it has been decided to award Merit Scholarships to accomplished students.

Need-based Scholarships


At Ahmedabad University we are committed to ensuring that deserving students get the support they need to obtain an education. We have instituted a Financial Aid programme to provide our undergraduate and graduate students with Need-based Scholarships, which can provide a partial waiver of tuition fees and even a complete coverage of educational costs (including tuition and study materials, hostel and mess charges).

The amount of the Need-based Scholarship for a student is determined by the family’s annual income, assets, etc. The Need-based Scholarship is contingent upon the student maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.0. In 2017-18 over 200 students at Ahmedabad University received Need-based Scholarships amounting to approximately Rs. 1.15 crore.

The University will also facilitate financial assistance through tie-ups with banks for educational loans.