Education at Ahmedabad University offers and expects intellectual rigour, deep focus on research, unique opportunities for academic collaboration and creative momentum. As new students, you will join a vibrant, talented community dedicated to academic excellence, personal growth and society’s well-being.

The executive education programmes at Ahmedabad University are built on active and engaging learning methodologies. Participants interact with a globally reputed faculty, both in group settings as well as one-on-one mentorship situations. Each one upgrades and empowers self-potential with deep domain knowledge and leadership skills aligned to a worldwide perspective. 

Financial Aid

Ahmedabad University is committed to bringing the best students to the University regardless of their ability to pay. We ensure that any student who needs financial aid to attend Ahmedabad University receives a Need-Based Scholarship to cover the gap between the educational cost and the student’s financial circumstances. We see the Need-Based Scholarships as a partnership between your family and the University to ensure that you are able to receive an excellent undergraduate education at Ahmedabad University. 80 per cent of our students who apply for financial aid receive Need-Based Scholarships of varying amounts, depending on their family’s financial circumstances.

If you wish to apply for a Need-Based Scholarship you may indicate this on your application for admission.

Ahmedabad University also offers Academic Scholarships to acknowledge the academic achievements of stellar undergraduate students in all disciplines, as well as Need-Based Scholarships, under our Financial Aid policy.

The Academic Scholarships consist of:

  • Ahmedabad Fellowships
  • Ahmedabad Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarships
  • Mahatma Gandhi Scholarships

Applications received within a stipulated date, as specified by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, are automatically eligible for consideration for the award of the Ahmedabad Fellowships and Ahmedabad Scholarships.