The Undergraduate Programme at Ahmedabad University provides skills, promotes citizenship, builds courage, and inculcates responsibility. It is aimed at providing broad and deep education that will equip the student to navigate the world in which she lives and become an agent of change in the betterment of her own life and that of the society. The undergraduate education is premised on the fact that it is broad enough for the student to discover her passion in life and prepare her to pursue the passion and yet build deep expertise in her chosen field. It is the ambition of the University to facilitate crossover of disciplinary learning. Undergraduate education, for many, is also a terminal degree hence, it must provide a pathway to earning a livelihood. 

Empathy for others who are less endowed and a sense of duty towards contributing to the society whether through their own discipline or their engagement with social organizations is an important ethos that must be reflected by the university environment.  Universities are also safe places where students and faculty can use scholarship to address conflicting ideas and diverse opinions and beliefs. Respect for and protection of other’s ideas and beliefs and their right to express it even when they are different from ours should be a foremost object of the undergraduate experience. 

The undergraduate curriculum at Ahmedabad University provides immense flexibility to help students discover their own passion and their own areas of engagement. The programme will particularly help students develop capabilities to synthesize ideas and information while creating an ability to cogently develop an argument and express themselves, verbally and in writing.  

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Foundation Progamme and First Year at Ahmedabad University:

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