Academic Support

Ahmedabad University offers strong academic support to its students to ensure the best possible learning environment and academic experience. The academic advising at Ahmedabad  University helps students cope with the rigour of the undergraduate programmes and understand the preparation required for becoming a successful professional. The mechanism to provide academic support to the students includes advising and intervention at multiple levels during a student’s stay at Ahmedabad University. 

Students can approach the Programme Offices, Major Advisors, Faculty, Programme Chairs, Associate Deans or Deans of the Schools, or the Dean of the Undergraduate College for any query that they may have about the academic programme, choice of courses and their academic progress at the University.  Details of policies and procedures are also uploaded on the Ahmedabad University Resource Information System (AURIS), the University intranet portal.   

Major Advisors and Programme Chairs regularly meet with students and discuss requirements for the undergraduate major and programme.

Students with Special Needs

Students at Ahmedabad University may have medical issues, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, etc. that can impact their learning. The University is committed to supporting such students and to assisting them in navigating through their coursework and other activities at the University. In all cases, the Course Instructor and the School will ensure that students with disabilities are sufficiently enabled to participate in a course and meet the course requirements.

Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention is a mechanism whereby the University takes necessary steps to support students who are facing academic difficulties. Students are alerted if their attendance is low or if their academic performance is poor so that they can take compensatory measures. The Course Instructors, Programme Chair and Faculty Advisor of the students are also informed accordingly so that the necessary support is extended to the students in time.

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring programme is a mechanism of Academic Support, designed to help students who may need additional academic assistance. The course-wise tutors are senior students who have taken these courses earlier and did well enough to be able to engage in peer tutoring. If an instructor finds that a student in her class would benefit from academic assistance, she can assign a Peer Tutor to the student from those on the list of tutors. Alternatively, if a student needs help, she can approach the instructor to assign her a Peer Tutor. Peer Tutoring is coordinated by a facilitator in each School.

Career Advice

The University’s Career Development Centre (CDC) helps prepare students for careers and further studies after their university education. It provides career counselling on areas of interest, information on various industries and guidance to those seeking graduate education. (Career Development Centre) Students also discuss such issues with the faculty to benefit from their experience and linkages.