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For any query about the academic programme the student may contact her Programme Office, Major Advisor, Programme Chair, Associate Dean or Dean of the School, or the Dean of the Undergraduate College.  They can provide advice about the choice of courses, and one’s progress at the University.  Much of the information sought may be in documents uploaded on AURIS and students are encouraged to first check AURIS and to thereafter seek any clarifications from the University officials.

For more general queries about a discipline, including career options, students should engage with the faculty in the discipline.   It is advisable to approach more than one faculty member to get different perspectives on one’s queries.

Career related advice can also be obtained at the Career Development Centre.

Peer Tutoring


The Peer Tutoring programme is designed to help students who may need additional academic assistance.  The tutors will be senior students who have taken the course earlier.

If an instructor finds that a student in her class would benefit from academic assistance she can assign a Peer Tutor to the student from those on the list of tutors.  Alternatively, if a student needs help she can approach the instructor to assign her a Peer Tutor.  The list of Peer Tutors selected by the instructors is uploaded on AURIS, along with guidelines for Peer Tutors.  Peer Tutoring is coordinated by a facilitator in each School.

If a particular course does not have tutors the instructor can identify someone and inform the facilitator in their School who can update the list on AURIS.

Rooms in each building have been identified for tutoring.  

Peer Tutors are assigned only by the instructor.  They are not on call for answering of queries by all.

A certificate of appreciation is provided to the Peer Tutors. 

This programme is part of the Circle of Care initiative of the University to enhance the well-being and learning experience for all students at the University.