Education at Ahmedabad University offers intellectual rigour, deep focus on research, unique opportunities for academic collaboration and creative momentum. As new students, you join a vibrant, talented community committed to academic excellence and personal growth.

Curiosity, courage, reflection, flexibility and action. These are the things we like to see and nurture in students signing up for our undergraduate progamme. To thrive at Ahmedabad University, you’ll need to be academically well prepared, achievement oriented, and someone with interests and aspirations that are broad as they are deep.

During evaluation, while we will consider your academic track record, we will also look at your personal background to understand the opportunities offered to you by your environment, to give us a glimpse of your personal qualities. We are also positively disposed to enrol those who have excelled in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as action-learning research projects, internships, volunteering in communities, sports, performing arts, cultural and social service participation. In sum, students who have demonstrably pursued their passion. The selection process also gives weight to personal interaction with applicants. We learn a little about their passions, attitudes, family circumstances and even life-changing experiences. This gives us an understanding of students that’s a little deeper than just marks or certificates.

Learning and discovery of interests is not just an admission process, it’s a way of life at Ahmedabad University. And it’s not just we who get to know more about them, applicants also learn a bit more about the university. 

To know more details about the admission procedures, dates, and timeline, kindly visit Ahmedabad University's Undergraduate Admissions webpage.