Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Students,
Congratulations on your acceptance to Ahmedabad University! We are pleased to welcome you to a well-defined academic journey dynamically supported by co-curricular activities and sports. Your time at the University will be another critical and absorbing phase in your life. Not only will it expose you to the liberal culture and values, but it will also enable you to nurture your talents and develop yourself as a responsible citizen. There are well-planned cultural clubs for you to join and actively participate in. The University has a fantastic infrastructure for indoor and outdoor sports with modern amenities. We firmly believe in the overall development of our students, and we hope you will make the best and most responsible use of these facilities Ahmedabad University can offer.
We are here for you if the new environment poses any challenges, physical, emotional, or social. Do not hesitate to reach out to Student Support, Engagement and Tutelage (SSETU) and the health centre at the Office of the Dean of Students which comprise highly experienced professionals who will support and guide you always. 
We look forward to meeting you in person as you step into this exciting phase of your life. Have a great time at Ahmedabad University.
Sanjay Chaudhary
Dean of Students
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science