Message from the Dean of Students

Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to Ahmedabad University. Please accept our heartiest greetings. The Office of the Dean of Students is eagerly awaiting your very active participation. 

Ahmedabad University provides you a well-defined path to progress effectively in academic and co-curricular activities. Its centrally located campus with the most stimulating academic environment will be the key enabler. You will be thrilled with many exciting new opportunities. You will get various avenues and deep insights to develop your strengths. Your active participation and experiences at the University will make you competent professionals and help you grow into humble and responsible citizens.

At Ahmedabad University, we have many well-planned cultural clubs and intramural sports activities to provide a vibrant environment for young talent to flourish. Apart from your academic schedule, you will get enough time and flexibility to participate in various interesting co-curricular and sports activities. It will be fascinating for you to be a part of these activities. It will enrich your academic journey.

As a student, you may face physical, emotional, or social challenges. Student Support, Engagement and Tutelage (SSETU) at the Office of the Dean of Students comprises very experienced professionals, who are always there to help you with all the support and guidance as and when required for you.

I invite you to enthusiastically explore your interests and groom your talents at Ahmedabad University. Have a great time at Ahmedabad University.

Sanjay Chaudhary
Dean of Students
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science