Learning Coalition

Learning Coalition is a collaborative workshop to advance our own practice of project based learning and experiential learning courses. Learning requires establishment of a coalition between the learners and between the teacher and the learners for the class to succeed. 

In these hands-on workshops we:

  • Understand the role of empathy with students and their learning needs
  • Create a learning environment that increases engagement with students and motivates them to go beyond their own disciplines
  • Design project-based courses, new assessment approaches, and ENABLE based pedagogical experiences that are more hands on in nature
  • Apply learning from the workshop to design experiences in individual context and courses
  • Explore collaborations and interdisciplinary course design between faculty members from different schools


  • Faculty members are able to understand the importance of increased engagement for students in their courses
  • Re-designed an existing course using new pedagogies and hands on methodology
  • Have a dialogue started or designed an altogether new course which is interdisciplinary with faculty from other schools