We have designed our programmes to present each student with a variety of experiences across fields and disciplines. Through multidisciplinary, research-driven, project-based learning, students have an opportunity to forge their own academic path and advance their career goals.



The University’s faculty and staff share associations with some of the best academic institutions in India and abroad. They offer highly specialised research advice and teaching, as well as a shared vision of an interdisciplinary learning environment, focused on innovation.


As part of the Ahmedabad University culture to promote learning, exploration and research, each campus has a library stocked with invaluable resources, including collections of specialized and general books, local and international journals, magazines and periodicals, audio-visuals CDs/DVDs, research publications, electronic publications, annual reports, case studies and more. Ahmedabad University students have access to all library facilities.

Learning Initiatives

These are initiatives to enhance the quality of learning and education of our students. Many of the endeavours are faculty-driven, explore ideas beyond the curriculum and contribute directly to the comprehensive development of our students.

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