Integrated MS Programme

Duration of the programme: 5 Years

Number of Seats: 45

Eligibility: Class XII Biology (Compulsory), English (1st/2nd language)

Purpose of the Programme

The programme aims to impart a sound understanding of the basics in life sciences, an aptitude for research and ability to undertake diverse and challenging career opportunities in industry and academia.

Programme Objectives

To provide quality education in life sciences at an early stage to inculcate interest in innovation, scientific and industrial research.

To encourage professional development in the chosen area of life sciences through in-depth knowledge, hands-on training and prepare them for advanced research career.

Programme Structure

A student will have to gain a minimum of 240 credits for the fulfillment of the Integrated MS programme in Life Sciences. The duration of the programme will be 5 years divided into 10 semesters.

The student will obtain the specialization in any one of the areas (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Computational Biology) through project work and research.

Admission criteria

Admission to the programme is based only on merit.

Integrated MS in Life Sciences Curriculum

Click here to download Integrated MS in Life Sciences Curriculum (2015)

Click here to download Integrated MS in Life Sciences Curriculum (2019)

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