About The Programmes

The Biological and Life Sciences division offers two graduate programmes: a five year Integrated MS in Life Sciences and a PhD programme.

The Integrated MS is focused on multi-disciplinary research based teaching, with key emphasis on individual projects and experiments in state-of-the-art MS and PhD laboratories. Each student receives hands-on training in current techniques in life sciences (these include PCR, flow cytometry, DNA, RNA and protein expression, purification and separation, nucleic acid and protein blotting, ELISA, animal and microbial cell culture) to achieve their academic goals. The programmes also emphasise the study of silico biology, including molecular modelling, docking and other bioinformatics tools.

Our novel course designs are embedded with topics such as product design and innovation; OMIC technologies; sensors and chips as well as ethical, legal and social learning. Our aim is to help students achieve fulfilling careers in academia as well as industry. 

The Biological and Life Sciences division has set up Centres of Excellence in flow cytometry and in in silico technologies. The Centre of Excellence in flow cytometry is the first of its kind in Gujarat, as well as the first in any private organisation in India. It houses the latest machine of BD Biosciences, the BD FACS Calibur, equipped with cell analysis facilities. This allows MS students as well as research scientists world-class equipment for their sample analysis. The Centre of Excellence in in silico technologies creates an opportunity for MS students to undertake research in advanced softwares for computer-aided drug designing, molecular modelling, docking and other bioinformatics tools. A Centre for nanotechnology research and applications develops novel nanomaterials for therapeutics and nanomaterial based-products and devices for early disease detection. 

The scope of the division’s research spans both pure and applied biological sciences, with our talented young faculty working at the intersections and frontiers of the following areas:

1.  Nanobiotechnology, nanotoxicology and environmental biotechnology

2.  Bioinformatics, biophysics and bioengineering

3.  Stem cell biology and cancer biology

4.  Ecology and evolutionary biology

5.  Microbiology and parasitology

For more details on specific areas please follow the link https://ahduni.edu.in/dbls/people/faculty

The diverse technical and scientific expertise available at the division creates a unique interdisciplinary research environment. Our academic collaboration include working with institutes conducting similar cutting-edge research in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany and other EU countries.

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