About Biological And Life Sciences

The Biological and Life Sciences division, Ahmedabad University was founded in 2012. Formerly known as the Institute of Life Sciences, it remains committed to its founding principle, which is to nurture science, knowledge and innovation.


About The University

Ahmedabad University is a private, non-profit university dedicated to offering a liberal education to all its students, based on rigorous inter-disciplinary research and project-based learning. Established in 2009 by the Ahmedabad Education Society, the university fosters a uniquely stimulating learning environment, and provides students with a platform for collaborative research with global partners, enables them to create new kinds of knowledge, and develop close links with industry and enterprise outside the university.


About The Campus

The division is located on Ahmedabad University’s centrally located campus in Navrangpura, a bustling neighbourhood in one of India’s most historic cities. Ahmedabad, a centuries-old commercial and industrial hub of western India, is also home to some of India’s finest educational institutions, all of which contribute to the city’s unique cultural and intellectual environment.

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