School of engineering and applied science hosts the maximum number of seminars in the university. There are wide range of research seminars, research talks, faculty seminars and guest lectures on various scientific topics. These seminars are a great opportunity for students as well as faculties to come across new ideas and upcoming opportunities in the field of engineering. 

A White Hole under the Tap

Arnab Kumar Ray

Interfacial Science & Engineering: Basics and Applications

Sunil Bhagwat

Closing the Gap: Accelerating Application Development in the Internet of Things

Pankesh Patel

Thought Experiments in Moving around Cities

Dinesh Mohan

On Best Practices in Research Methodology: The RAx case

Sourish Dasgupta

Quality of Service in Wireless Networks

Shashi Prabh

Quaternions in Industrial Robotics

Harshal Oza

Nano-sensors for the Common Man

Saakshi Dhanekar

Blockchain : Opportunities and Challenges

Pankaj Gupta

On the Reduction of Turbulence - Aerofoil Interaction Noise

Chaitanya Paruchuri

Roles of Materials in Prospering Energy Storage

Farheen N. Sayed

Mahabalipuram - Unfinished Poem in Stone

S. Swaminathan

Machine Learning for Computer Vision

Dipti Prasad Mukherjee

How can Neural Nets approximate the functions well?

Deep Patel & Maunil Vyas

Unsupervised Learning: k-Means, Gaussian Mixtures and EM

Sumantra Datta Roy

Approximating E-Unification (Part 2)

Barbara Morawska

Approximating E-Unification (Part 1)

Barbara Morawska

An Agnostic Approach to Innovations

Saurabh Srivastava

When a Polymer Scientist meets Biologists

Bhuvanesh Gupta

Mitigating Tsunami Risk in the Indian Ocean

Shailesh Nayak

Application of CryoEM to Soft Molecular Assemblies

Dganit Danino

Muse of Mathematics

Professor Ravi Rao

Life and Death of Lead-acid Battery 

K S Gandhi

Invisible Universe 

R K Shevgaonkar

Data Science and Visual Analytics

Sushant Panda

Microalgae based Biofuels and Biorefinery

Kaustubha Mohanty

Protein Based Biopolymer for Drug Delivery

Beena Singh