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Student Engagement

A snail was once climbing a mango tree in winter. A grasshopper laughed at the snail and told the snail that there were no mangoes on the tree in winter. Mangoes come only in summer. The snail had patiently replied to him that by the time he will reach up there on the tree, there will be summer.

This story is not about the patience of the snail. But, it is a story of metacognition. The Snail knows that it knows. It is a story of self-awareness, acceptance and perseverance. It is the story of a snail that knows one’s limitations, is aware of where it wants to go, is working hard to reach there and is enjoying the journey.

This sums up the student engagement that we are trying to build at the Ahmedabad University. We aim to provide a platform to our students where they can relax, unwind, debate, deliberate, reflect, immerse and collaborate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities to know that they know. It is not an easy process since it just not about going on a stage to say a few words or sing a song or cook a dish. That is too simple and pretty obvious too. But the real challenge is to let the students know what happens to them when they go on that stage and are they happy about it? Or what is their top most feeling when they sit down with a blind person and read a book to him/her or take part in a debate or clay modelling workshop? Can they define that feeling? Can they be in that feeling? Can they learn something from that feeling? And lastly, can they turn that feeling into action for self and others?

For us, this is when engagement comes because it is rooted in self-awareness, empathy, resilience, camaraderie, reflection, expression and action. The students become engaged because they want to. They become engaged because they see that in this process they are the givers and also the takers. They become engaged because there is a realisation like the one that Po Panda (in Kungfu Panda) has: “There is no secret sauce”. The only thing that matters is one’s own self. We believe that this is a very big driver for our students that the only propeller is not outside them but inside them.

This realisation has led to a world of literature, quiz, drama, theatre, films, music, dance, debates, fine arts, social service, food, sports, fitness, photography, creative writing, entrepreneurship and a lot more through the 17 thriving student clubs at the University.

These clubs allow our students to express themselves, to hone their skills, to be self-aware and to be drivers of change.

The focus of student engagement at our University is to provide meaningful and engaging opportunities to our students to not only relax, rejuvenate and unwind from the rigours of their academic life but also give them a platform to develop a repertoire that would help them in their future endeavours. It refers to creating student-led cohesive & collaborative environment which would foster in them the spirit of entrepreneurship, social action, innovation, self-awareness and creative expression.

Going back to our snail’s anecdote, just as the snail starts in winter, our students also start this journey of self-realisation and deep learning right from their first year and it goes on till the last year of their studies and beyond (till they reach their summer and get their own mangoes!!) It is a continuous process of knowing and doing and learning. This is what differentiates us from the rest.

University Club Introductions

Dance Club

"If you can walk, you can dance". This line perfectly defines Dance Club of Ahmedabad University as we not only restrict ourselves to professional dancers but also make immense efforts for those who are passionate about it. Dance club is not only about learning dance but gaining in depth knowledge about it along with team- strategy, communication skills and management. Dance Club strives to make all round development of the persons associated with it. Lastly Dance club is all about expressing one's emotions through dance, to which the words don't do justice.

Contact Details:
Name: Darshil Gandhi (Club Secretary)
Email Id: darshil.g@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: dance@ahduni.edu.in

Entrepreneurs' Club

Entrepreneurs' club intends to provide a platform to the students wherein they will be able to have a dialogue with the distinguished entrepreneurs, undergo in-depth learning of the different facets of entrepreneurship, and participate in various brainstorming sessions along with getting real-world exposure and hands on working experience. The philosophy of the club is to develop entrepreneurship as a skill in students and inspire them to become entrepreneurs. The club aspires to connect student entrepreneurs to incubator centres and different entrepreneurial student communities nationally.

Contact Details:
Name: Princy Dholani (Club Secretary)
Email Id: princy.d@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: entrepreneur.club@ahduni.edu.in

Environment Club

A community of students who are concerned about environmental problems and wish to take a stand on the issue and promote awareness on topics related to the environment. In today's world, building a green and safe environment is one of the greatest challenges. Interestingly, if we look around the globe, most of the environmental movements pertaining to the topic of climate change, wildlife crime, and biodiversity conservation are mostly led by the youth population. We wish to bring together students from different schools across the university to educate them, raise awareness, and bust common myths.

Contact Details:
Name: Himanshi Singhal (Club Secretary)
Email Id: himanshi.s@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: environment.club@ahduni.edu.in

Food and Nutrition Club

Food and Nutrition Club is a platform which is not only concerned about cooking but also about learning how to maintain a balance between taste and nutrition, different ways to explore plating of one’s dishes, learning table etiquettes, and a lot more. The club aims to inculcate culture of “Anybody Can Cook” and to create a healthy impact on one’s eating and cooking lifestyle. Food and Nutrition Club is passionate about food, and the culinary skills required for making great food. It organises events that cover the whole food spectrum – from food production to procurement process in farms to end-consumer delivery. The mission of the club is to develop an appreciation for self-cooked food among students and to complement food with nutrition.

Contact Details:
Name: Khushi Shah (Club Secretary)
Email Id: khushi.s5@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: food.club@ahduni.edu.in

Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club is a platform where we introduce different art forms to creative minds. Fine Arts indicates the confluence of creativity and the creative minds.The club is working towards creating a wide platform where the participants can come and learn about art and experience the diversity of various art forms.Every year the club organizes many fun filled, contemporary and artistic events and workshops.  The club highlights various art forms created from colours and brush as well as created with just paper, clay, waste materials etc. The core feature of the club is that we learn while making others learn. Our vision is to break genderstereotypes associated with the field of art. We want to convey that art can be also performed by students who don't have a previously developed skill or interest.

Contact Details:
Name: Komal Jethani (Club Secretary)
Email Id: komal.j@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: fine.arts@ahduni.edu.in

Fitness Club

Fitness Club of Ahmedabad University is a club that promotes both mental and physical health. Our vision is to spread the spirit of fitness in every member of the University. Our mission is to encourage people to not only look at fitness as a habit but to develop and inculcate fitness as a lifestyle. We achieve that by hosting events that not only make the participants test their physical fitness but also test their mental fitness We host exciting events like Zumba, Colour Run, Yoga, Self Defense, Pilates, Piloxing, Crossfit sessions, Treasure Hunts, Cyclothon etc. every week which motivates people to work towards their fitness. We also organise various marathons throughout the year which aim at supporting various important causes.

Contact Details:
Name: Palak Binaykia (Club Secretary)
Email Id: palak.b@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: fitness@ahduni.edu.in

Heritage Club

Heritage Club aims to create a space where people from different cultural backgrounds can come forward and share what they feel is their heritage with others. We believe that sharing about the things we love adds more value to it. This is also reflected in the name of the club which is a combination of two words 'Sharing' and 'Heritage'. We as a club work towards breaking the stereotypical image of only architecture and monuments being called as heritage, because for us it can be everything from Grandma's recipes, old photographs, Gulzar's poems, Panchtantra stories to festivals, rituals, sculptures and paintings. If you have stories to share or would like to get engaged in organising events and workshops, do get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!

Contact Details:
Name: Aakansha Tated (Club Secretary)
Email Id: aakansha.t@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: heritage.club@ahduni.edu.in

Literary Club

At Literary Club, we realise this power of words. We wish to free the constricted definitions of literature, rejuvenate the excitement of reading works of art, and celebrate the joy of creative writing. We wish to create a space for free and fearless expression for youth across the campus. Integrating skills like argumentation, critical thinking, and empathy, we will enrich the student experience at Ahmedabad University. The club stands on the concept of inclusivity, bridging a gap between the contemporary popular culture and the classics, imagination and social realities, fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as between languages and Bhasha.

Contact Details:
Name: Vrutpal Patel (Club Secretary)
Email Id: vrutpal.p@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: literary.club@ahduni.edu.in
Music Club

Music Club focuses on the motive of broadening the spectrum of MUSIC, and putting it forth of the audience that music isn’t just listening to some soothing peaceful tunes but much more than that; its depth needs to be discovered at ease and peace. Music Club turns music; a performing art, into a culture, a tradition that everyone wishes to pursue, but as it comes with a lot fun it still carries high end responsibility. Music Club targets audience of the criterion they want to be witnessing and allow the emerging artists to find their inner voice. Workshops such as song writing workshop, guitar workshop, beat boxing workshop, etc. tend to groom aspiring artists so that they can pull up an amazing powerful yet heartfelt performance for their desired audience.

Contact Details:
Name: Hetansh Parikh(Club Secratary)
Email Id: hetansh.p@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: music@ahduni.edu.in

Photography Club

Initiated in 2014, Photography Club is a fraternity that aims at organising events and activities to help one understand the nuances of photography and practice the art-form with proficiency. In its dedicated effort in devising opportunities for photography enthusiasts, the club conducts several unique workshops, photowalks, and organises visits at photogenic locations for the students to learn and capture different moments. What makes Shutterbugs unique in its pursuit is that it attempts to orchestrate activities by coalescing multiple art-forms and promote avant-garde; in a way, it serves as a melting pot of creative arts. The club not only emphasises on learning techniques of capturing but also the post-photography editing which is as equal a part of the craft, as is clicking pictures. For its well-rounded and innovative efforts, and sui generis approach to the art-form of Photography, Shutterbugs has been the recipient of the ‘Chairman’s Recognition Award’ for the past two years. In the forthcoming year, the club wishes to innovate and explore the art-form more, provide the students with ample opportunities, and boost participation.

Contact Details:
Name: Manushi Pandya (Club Secretary)
Email Id: manushi.p@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: photography.club@ahduni.edu.in

Programming Club

We, at the Programming Club, aim to uplift the community of people wholove technology and coding. Our vision is to encourage each individual todevelop technical skills and take the opportunity to set them apart inthis competitive world. We are committed to giving our best efforts to develop a sincere coding culture and foster the spirit of collaboration, competition and curiosity. The Club’s contribution in developing a thriving culture ranges from conducting activities, events, talks and sessions that fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical real-world cases to alumni interactions, coding contests and hands-on workshops that help acquire and develop skills.

Contact Details:
Name: Rohan Parikh (Club Secretary)
Email Id: rohan.p@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: programming.club@ahduni.edu.in

Quiz Club

Quiz Club strives to quench the thirst of knowledge and satiate the curiosity of students from all backgrounds. The club hosts a variety of quizzes throughout the year while experimenting with new genres and topics to enrich the quizzing experience of our participants. The club is all about experimenting with new ideas and making everyone think out of the box and read between the lines with our carefully framed questions, answers to which, upon realization, leave them in utter awe. We strive to deliver a fun learning experience through our content which facilitates the development of one’s thought process and occasionally, we deliver this experience in ways other than quizzing as well. Moreover, we enable our participants to connect with the quizzing community across the country and provide an opportunity to participate in prestigious quiz competitions like the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz, the Landmark Quiz, TAPMI Quiz on the Beach and many more! The club is run by a diverse team full of creative and friendly people with variety of skills ready to brighten and enlighten your lives!

Contact Details:
Name: Varun Deliwala (Club Secretary)
Email Id: varun.d@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: quiz.club@ahduni.edu.in

Sports Club

Sports Club encourages and invites our students at the university to participate in various sports events, workshops, and tournaments conducted by us throughout the year.  We provide a platform to students wherein they can explore their various talents, skills, and capabilities in the world of Sports. The Club organizes various sports events like The Box Cricket League, The Tiki-Taka Football League, The Annual Sports Fest, and many more. The club aims to develop a sporting culture at the university and works on providing enough opportunities for the students to learn to develop and inculcate the spirit of Sportsmanship and Teamwork in all aspects of their life.  The Sports Club works on the lines that “Harder the Battle, the Sweeter would be the Victory”.

Contact Details:
Name: Devarsh Joshi (Club Secretary)
Email Id: devarsh.j@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: ausports@ahduni.edu.in

Student Magazine Club

A magazine is the manifestation of expressions and ideas. Student Magazine Club stands as a platform that aims to create an environment where people are fearless in the pursuit of their thoughts, expressions, and identity. Redefining the traditional scopes of a magazine, we would want to encourage every student of Ahmedabad University to voice their opinions and promote a culture that portrays sensitivity towards the multifarious facets of the modern world. We also aim to open discussions within the student body on various social and political issues that are considered a taboo by society, through this we want to initiate a process whereby our students get a chance to retrospect and understand their own identity and indulge in personal growth. At Pehchaan, we intend to inspire students to think, create, and believe in themselves.

Contact Details:
Name: Isha Iyer (Club Secretary)
Email Id: isha.i1@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: studentsmagazine@ahduni.edu.in

Social Service Forum

Social Service Forum aims to bring a change in the society by bringing to light the challenges that are faced by the different sections of the society by inculcating a sense of volunteerism, which is not only limited to the gates of the University. We aspire to spread awareness among our students and to develop empathy in them towards different disadvantaged sections of the society. We aim to establish a robust social work presence in the campus through acts of volunteerism and education so that our students are encouraged to spread awareness about various social issuesand the need for social change. We also reassure them to participate in activities that facilitate such changes actively. Lastly, we wish to challenge any kind of discrimination in society.

Contact Details:
Name: Dipti Marathe (Club Secretary)
Email Id: dipti.m@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: social.service.forum@ahduni.edu.in

Management Club

Management Club has been the largest community since its inception and is growing with every coming year. Awarded as the Best Performing Students Club twice in a row for 2017-18 and 2018-19, the club strives to contribute to the University's goal of imparting holistic experiential knowledge.The Club works with the moto “Multitasking is the new trend. We nurture it.”  The Club offers a platform where one can Enhance, Explore and Experiment their skills and ideas. We conduct events, industrial visits, and seminars with faculty, industry leaders and experts. We also help in managing the major University-wide events which gives students a first-hand experience of managing and coordinating events.Perfection is our Priority and working with excellence is what we believe in!

Contact Details:
Name: Akshat Shah (Club Secretary)
Email Id: akshat.s@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: tmc@ahduni.edu.in

Theatre Club

We aim to spread awareness about the true meaning of theatre in our university. From participating in national level competitions like the Indian National Theatre to organizing flagship events like Rangmanch and Spotlight, you can be a part of on and off stage work of all such events. Workshops with eminent theatre artists and collaboration events like Mancharades are just a few of the various enthralling events that we conduct in a year. If you are passionate about writing, digital content creation, graphic designing, acting, directing, editing or photography, there is a place for all such talents from diverse backgrounds in our club. We will give you a platform where you can work with like-minded people and broaden the spectrum of your knowledge.

With Rangkarmi let’s THINK, DREAM, EXPLORE and CONNECT!

Contact Details:
Name: Vanshika Sood (Club Secretary)
Email Id: vanshika.s@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: theater@ahduni.edu.in

Design Club

At Design Club of Ahmedabad University, we aim to provide a platform for the students wherein they can develop the skill of design thinking within themselves and inspire them to become design thinkers. The club tries to connect the students with different design thinkers and trigger the creativity within them by questioning their creativity. This is the sole motto of the club. Design thinking is a growing concept in the modern-day and age and is gaining popularity in the current scenario. Thus, taking advantage of the same, the club tries to promote the philosophy of making the students think about a design in what they see and question the same.

Contact Details:
Name: Shyam Padaliya (Club Secretary)
Email Id: shyam.p1@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: designclub@ahduni.edu.in

Film Appreciation Club

Film Appreciation Club is a space for dialogue, conversations, and questions on Films. We recognize that art  holds a proverbial mirror to society, and in this spirit, wish to present and talk about all kinds of films – indie, experimental and mainstream. We aim to increase film literacy by critically examine what stories have been told through films, and what is about the medium that makes certain narratives worth telling. We also aspire to create more consciousness of lesser-known genres of foreign- language and serious films, alongside the mainstream

Contact Details:
Name: Rohan ray (Club Secretary)
Email Id: rohan.r@ahduni.edu.in
Club Email Id: filmappreciation@ahduni.edu.in