Personal Counselling

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Personal Counselling

University life can be fun and fulfilling, providing students various opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge, develop character, and make friends from different states and cultures.

However, adjusting to the new environment and managing academic and personal demands may induce some amount of stress and anxiety. Confiding in family or friends is a good coping strategy but students can also walk in and meet the counsellor available at SSETU.

Students can talk openly about

  • Academic pressures
  • Pre-exam stress
  • Anxiety about career
  • Peer pressure
  • Missing home and family
  • Coping in a new environment etc.
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Family issues

They can also discuss tips for studying, preparing for exams, managing time, meeting deadline for projects and assignments and similar issues related to academic life.

SSETU provides counseling for personal, academic or relationship issues in an environment of complete privacy and confidentiality.

AU family members have availed the services of the in-house counsellor, spanning more than 350 sessions.