Environment and Climate Change

At the crossroads of vectors affecting the environment and climate change, multiple questions seek our attention. What are the sustainability challenges faced by humankind? How do we measure environmental footprints? How do we assess uncertainties and risks related to environment and climate change and who bears the burden of these costs and risks? Can we make our consumption behaviour sustainable? How do we create, replicate and upscale innovative ideas to address these complex issues? How do we evolve to a just governance system to share costs and benefits equitably? The millennials must be equipped to comprehend and answer these questions in a meaningful and engaging manner. The Studio on Environment and Climate Change, through an integration of diverse domains like materials, data science, biology and life, behaviour, communication, and constitution and civilization, expose students to

appreciate and develop an integrated understanding of these issues and their interactions, b) learn to use the tools and skills to measure and communicate these issues and c) explore innovative solutions and implement these to accelerate the transformation towards creating a sustainable society.
The Studio urges students to think and explore behavioural and technological solutions to climate change. Students take up a real world sustainability challenge as a part of the Studio and participate in developing a solution that could be a model, management innovation, or an awareness campaign. Students participate in deliberations, discussions, and debates on climate change and in the presentation of stories of skilful mitigation strategies combatting climate change. The Studio contributes to understanding the role of humans in climate change and its consequences on future civilizations