SSTEU Highlights

SSETU Activity Highlights 2013-20

Nearly 5400 free walk-in medical consultations
Nearly 830 walk-ins for personal counselling
Nearly 2060 online counselling sessions since October, 2017
Nearly 7200 students received primary health check-up
Over 5350 students underwent Thalassemia screening
Nearly 2400 units of blood donated by Ahmedabad University students
Over 1300 walk-ins for general enquiries
Nearly 160 Talks & Workshops conducted
Awareness campaigns for vital student-related issues
Students regularly avail SSETU services.

Student Testimonials

I think university is blessed with the SSETU and so are University students. In my career I have seek mentor-ship advises numerous times from Kalpana ma'am, and every time I went there I got the required knowledge. Among all the best one was the workshop series we attended for EQ. It was most knowledgeable workshop I have ever attended, it taught me how to put myself in others shoe and think (a thing I wanted to learn) the workshop also was a guide to improve efficiency in everyday life. We spent more than 3-4 hrs yet I enjoyed listening and learning things that were mentioned. I am looking forward and hoping to attend more or at least one such session that could help me live life in the real world I am stepping in. I also approached Kalpana Ma'am, for relationship advise as well, and she helped me at the time I wanted an experienced brain to share words with. She gave an absolute solution to my problem and guided to of us well so as to live happily together. Thank you for being more than just a mentor.

- Mitesh Sharma, Student BBA (AMSOM) TY, 2018

Ahmedabad University has really done a great thing by providing a counsellor. Ma’am, we are so thankful to you for taking such care of our son and us. We feel grateful that we can come to you or call you whenever we are in some problem with our son’s mental health.

- Father of a Student, (SEAS), 2016

Rangkarmi Theatre club is very happy and fortunate enough to have mentor like Sonia Kumar Ma’am. She has always been supportive and helping to every club and to every student in every possible manner. Her humble nature, knowledgeable advice and suggestions has always helped us to grow and move further. She has motivated us for every event starting from day 1 to the upcoming end of the academic year. She has never failed to wish us before the competition and has always been energetic and enthusiastic for students’ victory to motivate them more. Thank you so much Ma’am on behalf of Rangkarmi Theatre Club family for helping us at every hurdle and for motivating us.

- Theatre Club members, 2016

I was seeking someone who could understand and empathize with me, and I found someone who did more than that. I have put into practice the coping mechanisms that were advised and they are working beautifully for me. I would like to thank the University for giving me this access and Kalpana Pareek for her advises and guidance.

- Student, BCom (AMSOM) TY, 2018

We approached Kalpana Ma'am for the first time to seek mentorship for Time Management. Along with great insights on the issue itself, we developed a connection with her. The bond grew so strong that we, along with more of our friends, decided to have separate sessions with Ma'am to develop ourselves as emotionally intelligent beings. A strong sense that someone's here as a guide, support and mentor made me a better version of myself in my years at the university.

Thanks a lot ma'am for being such a great friend!!!

- Student BBA (AMSOM) TY, 2018

The counselling I had here, made me meet a part of myself that was unknown. I was writing my dreams in a notebook, as suggested by ma'am Kalpana Pareek, and on asking why do I need to do that, she said "you'll know". Now, i realize what she meant by that. It gives an insight into my unconscious mind and tells me what thoughts I possess there. It has been so revealing for me.

Also, we discussed about dealing with time management issues, and the suggestions she offered, worked well and good. Any student, seeking help is openly welcomed here and is made sure that he or she leaves with a fine mind.

- Student BBA (AMSOM) TY, 2018