The Mathematical and Physical Sciences division at Ahmedabad University invites high school students to participate in the Problem of the Month Contest.


  • A new problem will be posted on this webpage every month.
  • The solution in Pdf form should be emailed to [email protected]
  • Please include your name, student ID number, the name of your school and its address along with your solution.
  • The deadline for submissions is the last day of the month.
  • Awards will be given to only the first two entries which are correct and complete as determined by a panel of judges. The decision of the judges will be final.
  • Winners might be called for a short video meeting to verify the authenticity of their submissions.

Note: No problems will be posted for the months of June and July. The contest will resume in August 2024.


The first two winners will receive awards in the form of books or gift cards and their names will be announced on this webpage.

Problem of the Month Name of Winner Correct Answer
May 2024 No correct solutions have been received
April 2024 Mohit Agrawal, Class 12, Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad  
March 2024 No correct solutions have been received
February 2024 Ionut-Zaharia, Chirila, Ex-Lower Danube University, Romania
January 2024 Winner 1
Svarit Joshi, Class 9, Anand Niketan School Bhadaj Campus

Winner 2
Ionut-Zaharia Chirila, Ex-Lower Danube University, Romania

November 2023 No correct solutions have been received
October 2023 No correct solutions have been received
September 2023 Anika Chopra, Grade 12, Ahmedabad International School F_{2025}, where F_n denotes the n-th term of the Fibonacci sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8......
August 2023 Anika Chopra, Grade 12, Ahmedabad International School