Research Projects

The school provides specialized equipment, software and infrastructure for cutting edge research. High quality specialised research labs are established at the school in collaboration with industries to encourage specialisation and innovation. In keeping with its ethos, the school facilitates interdisciplinary research. It offers research funding (seed and start-up grants), and national and international travel grants.
In addition, for their work initiated and conducted at the school, faculty have received research and travel grants from reputed external organisations, including the department of Science and Technology (DST), the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), the department of Biotechnology (DBT), DST-UKIERI, GujCOST and the Gujarat Institute of Chemical Technology (GICT).

Fast Implementation of Face Recognition on GPU

Cost-Sensitive Big Data Analytics

Analytics and Integrated Platform for Agriculture (Indian Context) using Spark

The mutual solubility of Ionic Liquid and Water: Experiments and Correlations

Hierarchically structured nanoporous geopolymers for waste and ground water purification

Deposition and Characterization of Perovskite Solar Cells

Role of Swift Heavy Ion on the Performance of Perovskite Solar cell

Non-parametric Smart Sensing Analytics based on Large Spectrum Data and Estimation of Channel Activity Statistics

Cognitive Radio Enabled Vehicular Cyber-Physical System for Urban Area

Design and Performance Analysis of Non-parametric Detection algorithm for Cognitive Radio - MIMO Communications

Securing biometric data using data hiding techniques

Disease Detection and Severity Estimation in Cotton Plant from Unconstrained Images

Kahinee - An Interactive Voice Response System for Rural Healthcare

CheckIt - A low cost mobile OMR system

Online Outlier Detection Algorithm on FPGA?

Recommendation System for HR

Protein-Protein interaction networks

Speaker verification

Analysis and Visualization of health data

Quaternion based control of industrial robots

Assistance System for the Visually Impaired

Low Power High Speed Hybrid Full Adder Circuit

A hardware acceleration/simulation platform based on multiple boards

Search for Hamiltonian periodic orbits

Mitaxi Mehta