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Distance from Ahmedabad

Polo Forest

Polo forest is a natural and scenic tourist destination which is famous weekend getaway from Ahmedabad. Located near Abhapur village in Gujarat & surrounded by mountain area. You can explore river, dam, ancient temples and many more places in Polo Forest.


Adalaj Step well

Set in the quiet village of Adalaj, this vav has served as a resting place for hundreds of years for many pilgrims and caravans along their trade routes. This five-storey stepwell was not just a cultural and utilitarian space, but also a spiritual refuge.


Indroda Nature Park

Indroda Nature Park is a valuable paragon extent over an area of around 400 hectares on the bank of Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar.



Be spiritual and spent your weekend at Akshardham In Gandhinagar. Devoted to Lord Swaminarayan, it is a wonder worked by the detriment of thousands of candy striper. You can have food inside the temple premises in Food Hall.


Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

It is a narrow lake enclosed by swampland’s on the verge and thin forest boarding the sides. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary covers an area of 7 kms2 and a paradise for bird watcher.


Nal Sarovar

Before you plan to visit Nal Sarovar, please note down the time as it remains open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It holds an area of 120.82 kms2 with a lake and ambient swampland. It is mostly populated by nomadic birdies in winter and spring.



Lothal is an archeological site which is having a museum divided in three galleries




Places that Serve Traditional Food



Distance from campus(km)


Vishalla Restaurant is authentic village restaurant serves premium quality Gujarati cuisine. At Vishalla Restaurant you can find delicious Gujarati food.


House of Mg

‘Agashiye’ in Gujarati means on the terrace. This Gujarati Thali restaurant is spread over two huge terraces.



“Rajwadu”, a theme based restaurant spread over 12,000 sq. yards.Rajwadu, known for its traditional Indian and Gujarati food.




Places to See



Distance from campus(km)

Sabarmati Riverfront

Sabarmati Riverfront is a waterfront being developed along the banks of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad.


Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi Ashram is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad. This was one of the residences of Mahatma Gandhi who lived there for about twelve years along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi.



Kankaria Lake, formerly known as Hauj-e-Qutb, is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad. It is located in the south-eastern part of the city, in the Maninagar area.


Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Auto World" is a part of one of the most important collections of Antique Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles etc. It represents several of the greatest marques of cars from all over the world, of all types and ages.


Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza is a mosque and tomb complex located in the village of Makarba.Sarkhej was once a prominent centre of Sufi culture in the country, where influential Sufi saint Shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh lived.


Sidi Saiyad Jali Mosque

Sidi Saiyyed (Saiyed) Mosque is one of most well known mosques of Ahmedabad, and it's famous ‘Tree of Life Jali’ or latticework done on the semicircular arch-windows has come to symbolise the city and its grandeur.



We have listed below a few means of transportation for your ease.

Public Transport

Private Transport

Emergency Contact List

  • Medical Emergency / SSETU Ahmedabad Uni: 108 / +91 7961911246 / +91 7961911247
  • Helpline for Women: 1091

Travel Desk

  • Manan Cabs: +91 9152929097
  • G-Auto (Auto-Rickshaw): +91 9274444444
  • Mr. Sumit Chavda (Uniglobeolive Travel): +91 9978905115 /

Heritage Walk

  • Ahmedabad Heritage Walk : +91 9687332484 / +91 9825125920

Volunteer Contact List

  • (Related to travel) Meet Modi / Hardik Udeshi : +91 8732970762 / +91 7016248197
  • (Related to registration) Vishwa Shah: +91 9925026215
  • (Related to logistics) Anshul Jethvani: +91 9409258153

A few facilities provided at the SEAS Campus

  • Hi-Speed Wifi
  • Cafeteria serving healthy and tasty food.
  • Bike sharing facility by MyByk.

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