Knowledge Platforms

Indian Ocean and Beyond 

A webinar series and publication series on Indian Ocean connections and beyond, in collaboration with the CISA, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Futures of Mobility

A research network with faculty from the University of Melbourne, Lingnan University, IIM-Ahmedabad, Hong Kong University Space, NYU Abu Dhabi, and the National University of Singapore. 

Asian Cultural Research

A webinar series and publications on methods for cultural research in the contexts of India and Iran - a collaboration with Mardomnameh People's History Journal, Tehran. 

Medical Humanities in Inter-Asia

A research network aiming to explore the constitutive presence of medical modernity in Asia through a variety of perspectives, both historical and contemporary. The research projects are informed by a range of disciplines, including history, anthropology, psychoanalysis, literary studies, and food studies.

Risk in the Himalayas

A monthly webinar series that explores, through multidisciplinary perspectives, how the concept of “risk” has been constitutive in shaping the materiality, geopolitics, cultural articulations, history and perceptions of the Himalayas.

South Asia in the South China Sea

Webinar Series and Research Collaborations hosted by the Network of South Asia Scholars in Hong Kong and the Centre for Inter-Asian Research, Ahmedabad University.