Digital Intimacy: Young Women and Social Transformation in Asia

Paromita VOHRA | Her Private Life
Sonia WONG | Making Room for (inter) Personal Intimacy in the Digital Age
Lik Sam CHAN | Gender Politics of Dating Apps in Urban China
Dhiren BORISA | Virtual Refuge to Assertion
Carman Fung | Strategic Identities
Smita V | The Many Realms of Digital Intimacies
Hua Su | The Usefulness of Ambiguity
Nimmi Rangaswamy | Digital Dilettante and the Creation of Romance
Nisha Susan | A short History of a Digital Intimacy Junkie
Sara Liao | Contentious Politics: Digital Media and Transnational Feminist Activism
Ruepert Jiel Dionisio Cao | Pink and Yellow Ribbons

Re-orienting Taste

Workshop on ‘Are Indian Tastes Different from Chinese Tastes?’
Re-Orienting: Food and Medicine #1
Re-Orienting: Food and Medicine #2
Re-Orienting: Food and Medicine #3
Re-Orienting: Food and Medicine #4
Re-Orienting: Food and Medicine #5

Usable Pasts, Sustainable Futures

The Clothing Lab
The Food Lab
The Housing Lab

Indian Ocean and Beyond

Enemies of Empire
Fables from the Ocean
Stuck: Chokepoints and (Im)mobility in the Indian Ocean
Mohammed Salem Al-Sudairawi and the Histories of Arab Bombay
Dockside Reading on Hydrocolonialism and the Custom House by Isabel Hofmeyr
A Burning Sea: Arbitrage and Smuggling in the Western Indian Ocean
Reconstructing Histories of Predation and Piracy in India's Western Littoral, c. 18th – 19th Century
Commemorating Jāwa: Arabic Moral Imaginaries of Southeast Asia

Asian Cultural Research

Discussing Cinema in India and Iran
Discussing Music and Listening in India and Iran
Persianate Selves: Memories of Place and Origin before Nationalism

Perceptions of Risk in the Himalayas

The Emergent Himalayas: Geology, Vulnerability, and Disasters
Trading on High Ground Risk and Regulation in Kashmir

Futures of Mobility

Educational Mobility in Asia