Research Working Papers

The Research Working Paper Series is an initiative by the University Research Board. Its purpose is to share new research work by our faculty members, research staff and doctoral students with a wide audience of academics and others in the field of research. All papers posted on this site are under progress, under submission, or in press and forthcoming elsewhere.

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On the Complexity of a “Seemingly Simple Relation” between Attitude Similarity and Attraction

Ramadhar Singh

Validating Cognitive and Emotional Urges in Comprehending One’s Surroundings: The Case of Attraction from Attitudes

Ramadhar Singh

Precedence of Managerial to Technical Efficiency in Longitudinal Performance of Private versus Public Banks in India

Ramadhar Singh

Experimental Neuro Evidences In Managerial Decisions

Jinal Parikh

The Evolution Of Bank Of Baroda - The Rising Sun

Jinal Parikh

Online Versus Offline Banking Usage - An Insight Into The Indian Consumer's Banking Behaviour

Jinal Parikh

Mapping Public Perceptions Of Universities Of Higher Education In India: A Comparative Analysis Using DEA And Quantile Regression

Jinal Parikh

Analysis Of Social Expenditure And Human Development Performance Of Gujarat

Himani Baxi

Impact Of Demonetization Through The Lens Of Financial Inclusion In Rural Locals

Himani Baxi, Sonal Yadav & Mita Suthar

Alliance Motives In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Pharma Clusters

Kunal Mankodi, Siddhartha Saxena

“PACE” A New “P” To Transform The Marketing Mix

Bijal Mehta

Understanding Islam: Towards A New Interpretative Approach

Shahul Ameen KT

Behavior Analysis In Conflict Resolution Network: 12 Angry Men

Rushi Pandya, Siddharth Saxena

Exploring The Structure And Functional Elements Of The Dabgarwad Community Market

Preet Kaur, Rushi Pandya, Siddhartha Saxena

Understanding Entrepreneurship And Mapping For Ex-Servicemen

Siddhartha Saxena, Rushi Pandya

Gauging Underdog Entrepreneurship For Disabled Entrepreneurs

Rushi Pandya, Siddhartha Saxena

CSR In Business Clusters For Sustainable Regional Development: A Case Study

Kunal Mankodi

Gender, Skill And Employability In India

Jeemol Unni

Preferred Mode Of Retail Banking Transactions – Offline, Online Or Mobile

Bijal Mehta ; Jinal Parikh

Use Of Social Media Platforms By Women Entrepreneurs - An Exploratory Study

Anjali Choksi ; Bijal Mehta

The Internationalisation Of New Ventures In A Post Liberalisation Era: The Shifting Role Of Industry Concentration

Abrar Ali Saiyed

Understanding Communication Satisfaction In The Indian Context

Ruchi Tewari

Heritage Management For Sustainable Development: Transformative Pedagogy For The Masters Degree Programme In Heritage Management At Ahmedabad University

Neel Kamal Chapagain

Multiple Stakeholder Views On The Relevance Of Teaching Business Ethics

Ekta Sharma And Ruchi Tewari

Case For Impact Investment In Heritage And Development Needs Of India

Ruchi Tewari and Taral Pathak