Faculty members at the Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM) are actively involved in research and case writing. The case method is also used as an important pedagogical method for classrooms in addition to lectures, role-plays, simulations, fieldwork and project based research. The Case Unit at AMSOM is designed to be a powerful repertoire of Management Cases and teaching material authored or co-authored by faculty members, students and stakeholders of the management school. The AMSOM Case Unit aims to inculcate a process of in-class testing and expert review for the cases developed by faculty members. This feedback will be invaluable to case authors and will encourage appropriate revision. As a development initiative, the Case Unit also organises workshops on effective writing and teaching of a case to encourage this form of research and enhance teaching and learning effectiveness. In the long run, the Case Unit envisages itself to be a rich and routinely updated collection of cases for the perusal of academicians and teachers of management at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

FNPL- Planning Growth Through Balanced Scorecard?

Poonam Dugar and Kunal Mankodi

Financing the growth of Urban Chowk

Professor Hetal Jhaveri and Ashuthosh Dash

Building a Training Culture at Montecarlo Limited

Professor Jatin Christie and Jignesh Shah (Vice President -HR, Montecarlo Limited)

Understanding the Complexity of a Cash-Flow Statement

Vibha Tripathi

Pushkarvala & Co. – An Avant-garde Business

Siddhartha Saxena

Conflictorium – A museum of Conflict

Amrita Bihani and Nimit Thaker

Juggernaut Sports Entertainment Private Limited (B): Monetizing Footfalls

Sujo Thomas and Sudhir Pandey

Understanding Economic Value Added Analysis – A case of Alphabet Inc. (Google) and its Competitors

Vibha Tripathi

Internal Reconstruction Scheme: A solution to accumulated losses

Vibha Tripathi

The AMC Heritage Walk: From Temple To Mosque

Abrar Ali Sayed

SetText Global Co., Ltd.

Bijal Mehta

Mayur’s Turnaround : 360 Feedback Not One More Human Resource Process

Siddhartha Saxena

Titan Company Limited: Trends, Competitive Landscape And Scope Ahead

Sujo Thomas

Juggernaut Sports Entertainment Private Limited (A): Formulating The Problem Statement And Research Design

Sujo Thomas