Rules and Regulation

General Rules:
  • All students, faculty and staff of Ahmedabad University can avail the library facility and services. Students can borrow two books for a period of 14 days. If the books are not returned/renewed on or before the due date Rs. 5/- per day per book shall be charged as overdue fine. If the books are not returned/renewed even after 15 days, Rs.10/- per day per book shall be charged as overdue fine. Research Scholars can borrow 10 books for one month. The overdue fine charged shall be the same as for students. Faculty can borrow 20 books for 6 months. Non-teaching staff can borrow 2 books for one month period. 
  • Borrower can renew the borrowed titles twice. However, borrower is not allowed to renew the reserved title/s. Students can reserve maximum two titles at a time. If the reserved titles are not collected within two days from the date of intimation from library, it will be cancelled and released to stack or allocated to the next person in the queue.
  • Loss of book/s should be immediately reported to library to avoid late fines. Further, the borrower shall replace the book within 25 days in case of Indian editions and 45 days in case of foreign editions. If the borrower is not able to replace the book/s, he / she shall pay  three times of the book cost.
  • Periodicals, Bound volumes, non-book material (e.g.CD/DVD) and reference titles are not for lending.
  • Books should be returned in the same condition as when they borrowed. Users shall be responsible for returning the library books in good condition. Damaged books will be treated as lost books and the amount of book/s will be charged as penalty. Hence the borrowers are advised to check the condition of the books while borrowing from the library counter.
  • Users should read the instruction to perform self-checkout (issue)/self-check-in (return) operations in RFID counter. The users should ensure to close their transaction before they leave the system. The system work like an ATM. If the transaction is not closed, there may be chances of misuse of system.
  • Please ensure that the return transaction is reflecting in your account when you returned the book. If not, alert the library staff immediately by providing proof of return.
  • Library have right to recall or curtail the lending period of any borrowed books on some special circumstances.
General Conduct for the Users:
  • Library books and other lending items shall be issued against student Identity (ID) card which are non-transferable and will remain effective during the duration of the course.  Books and other documents will be issued against the ID Card. Proxy borrowing is not allowed. However library allows anyone to return the books on behalf of the borrower.
  • Users must make an entry in the gate register with their name, entry time, exit time and signature. 
  • Users are required to produce their ID card while visiting the Library and must produce the same as and when asked for. 
  • Users are required to deposit their belongings in the property counter kept at the entrance gate at their own risk. No belongings except money vallet, valuable items (Jewellery, mobile, etc.) are allowed inside the Library. However, laptop/ personal note books may be permitted inside the Library. The users are prohibited/discouraged to leave any valuables at the check point. The Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  • The books removed from the shelves for reading should be kept on the nearest table after the reference. The users are requested not to try to shelve the books by themselves, considering the fact that a book misplaced is a book lost.
  • Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage the library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged with the full replacement cost of the resource. The books borrowed should be protected from rain, dust, insect, etc.
  • All users are requested to keep their mobile phones switched off or in silent mode while in the Library. 
  • Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the Library. Loitering or sleeping in the Library is strictly prohibited
  • No photograph of the Library shall be taken without proper authorization.
  • A suggestion box is available at the Library for receiving feedback by users to improve the library services.
  • Users are expected to keep the sanctity of library by their good manners and behavior. If any users are found violating the conduct, the library have right to cancel/suspend the membership of the users.
General Conduct to use Computers and E-resources:
  • All the users are expected to observe network etiquette.  Users are prohibited from falsifying their identity; transmitting obscene messages or pictures; revealing personal addresses or telephone numbers of them or others; or using network in a way that would disrupt the use by others. Users shall not use computers for any prohibited activity.
  • Every user in whose name the internet account is issued by the IT Centre will be responsible at all times for its proper use. 
  • Users shall not let other persons use their names, login IDs, passwords, or files for any reason. Users shall not use others internet accounts or try to hack others password.
  • Users shall not erase, rename, or make unusable anyone else's computer files, programs or disks. They shall not write, produce, generate copy, propagate, or attempt to introduce any computer code designed to self-replicate, damage, or otherwise hinder the performance of any computer's memory, file system, or software. Such software is often called a bug, virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other names.
  • Users shall not connect to mobile or any other external device. Users may not install, download, copy, or distribute copyrighted materials such as software, audio or video, files, graphics, and text without the permission of the library or network administrator.
  • Users are expected to keep the sanctity of library by their good manners and behavior. If any users are found violating the conduct, the library is having right to cancel/suspend the membership of the users shall keep the sanctity of the Library and keep the premises clean.