How many books can students borrow at a time?
Students can borrow two books at a time for a period of 14 days. Research scholars can borrow ten books for a period of one month.

Do I need to carry my Identity (ID) Card while visiting the library?
Yes. ID card is must to visit the library and especially for issue and return of books. 

How do I know my borrowing status?
Users can login to the library's online catalogue to know their book borrow status. The catalogue can be accessed by using the URL uls.ahduni.edu.in

Does library provide photocopy service?
Library does not provide photocopy service.

How do I get a copy of old question papers?
Students can download old question papers from our institutional repository. They can also write to [email protected] for obtaining the copy of old question papers.

How do I access University subscribed online resources off-campus?
Users can access online resources off-campus through RemoteXs software. Users will have to login into RemoteXs application. To access within campus users need not login into RemoteXs, they can directly go to publisher’s link to access the resources. 

How do I renew the books online?
Users can renew the books online through online catalogue two times. They will have to bring the books to library counter for subsequent renewals. Users can also renew the books through self-check-in and check-out RFID Kiosks during library transaction hours.

What should I do if I have lost my ID card?
Users will have to report to their respective programme office/HR representative regarding loss of cards. A temporary library card may be issued to them if they need to use library facilities till the time they get the new card.

What to do in case I have lost a book borrowed from the Library?
User should immediately report the details of the lost item to the librarian through mail or letter and replace the book within one month from the date of reporting. If the book is not available in the market, three times of the book cost should be paid to the library as penalty. Overdue charges shall be applicable till the date of reporting of lost items to the library.

I am an Alumni of Ahmedabad University. How can I become a member? 
Alumni need to fill in prescribed form with all the details and submit the form along with required documents and applicable fees of Rs. 3000/- without borrowing facility and Rs. 6000/- with borrowing facility.

Whom should I contact for plagiarism checking?
Users can send document to [email protected] for plagiarism check.

How can I suggest books for purchase?
You can suggest books for purchase through the online catalogue (OPAC) by logging into library online catalogue.

How are books arranged in the library?
Floor plans are given at the entrance of each library. Books are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Each shelf carries a shelf guide.

Can I borrow reference books?
Reference books are to be read inside the library.

How can I reserve discussion room?
Users can send mail to [email protected] along with the details of group members to reserve discussion rooms. Discussion rooms are allocated maximum for one hour. It can be extended further based on the availability of slots.

Can I borrow CDs/DVDs ?
CDs/DVDs are to be browsed within the library. 

How do I reserve the book?
Books can be reserved through online catalogue (OPAC). 

Can I borrow books from SAS and AMSOM reading room?
SAS & AMSOM reading room books are only for reference.

Can I borrow magazines/journals?
Magazines/Journals cannot be borrowed. 

What are the library timings during examination?
The Central Library will remain open 24 hours from Monday to Saturday and from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday.